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Current issues with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and third-party devices

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You can quickly share your location within a iphne by heading to any conversation or message thread. How Inbod turn on Send Read Receipts: You have the option to manage Send Read Receipts individually. To manage them for different people go to a Message conversation and press the "i" icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here you can toggle the "Send Read Receipt" option. What time?: View what time a message was sent by dragging from right to left on the conversation screen.

Cojtent Voice message: If you press on the small mic button on the yheir of the text box you can start recording a pihone message. Lift your finger to stop and reveal a playback button. Once happy either swipe up or tap the arrow to send it, or swipe left or tap the x button to ussrs. See attachments: Delete messages: Delete older messages automatically: Here you can Opt to Ihbox Messages forever, 1 year, or 30 days. Automatically delete audio witb video messages: Raise to listen to audio messages: It's on by default, but you can turn off the ability to listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising your phone.

Blue vs green: Blue bubbles are for iMessages, green are for regular old-fashioned SMS messages. Send iMessage as SMS: If you are having trouble sending your iMessages over data you can opt to revert to sending the message as a SMS instead. Photos and Camera tips Change Live Photo effects: Go to your Photos app, open a Live Photo and swipe up on it to reveal three new effects: Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. Keep the original photo while using Live Photo effects: Once you choose one of the new Live Photo effects, it saves it on your phone as a video, not a photo. If you want to keep the original shot as a still photo as well, just hit the share icon and tap "duplicate" and save another copy of the original photo.

You'll need to do this before you change the Live Photo effect - or just go back to the original Live Photo style and do it then.

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How to apply a filter to a Live Photo: You can now apply filters to Live Photos and still keep them as a Live Photo, something you couldn't do in some older versions of iOS. To apply a filter, do so as you have previously. On dual camera models you get "Take Portrait" instead of the regular photo option. How to Merge People in Photos app: Photos can detect people and places. If you find that the app has picked out the same person but says they are different people you can merge the albums together. Tap on the word "Select" at the top right of the screen and then select the images of the people you want to merge.

Remove people in Photos app: Go to Photos App, Albums, and select People. How to create Photo Memories: You can create your own Memories from your own albums.

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This will allow you to see your Memories. Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Add to Memories". How to share a Memories movie: The Apple Photos app automatically creates a mini slideshow for you that can then be shared as a video. Go to the Memory you want to share, tap on the "play" icon on the main picture and then tap on the share icon. How to change the style of a Memories movie: You can either opt for the default movie style from Apple or change it to fit a handful of different styles. You can also choose between Short, Medium or Long. Duplicate as Still Photo: If you've taken a Live Photo you can now create a full resolution still photo from it as a duplicate without damaging the original Live Photo.

To do so, find the picture you want to duplicate, press the share button and then select Duplicate. On the next menu choose "Duplicate as Still Photo".

thsir Editing photos: Here wih can press on the wand to auto enhance your photo updatong press on the icon that looks like a volume knob with dots thwir it. The latter will bring up three new sub menus: If you select Laotop you can uers gesture left or right to make the picture lighter or darker. Straightening your photos: You can now quickly and easily straighten your photos. Search Photo albums: Go to om Photos app and press on the magnifying glass. Immediate suggestions include narrowing your image results by Nearby, One Year Ago, and Favourites, however you can type Ihbox lots of different searches like place names or months.

Or a combination of the two. Ask her to find a specific photo wwith 14 Julyfor instance, and she'll do just that. Upload Photo Contdnt Go to Settings, then tap on your name at the top of the screen. Doing this will back nkt all the photos in the burst rather than just the favourite one. Favourite photos: If you've clntent photos that you want to mark to show others na later rather than searching or scrolling for them you can favourite them instead. To do this, simply find the image you want to favourite and press the heart button.

Better viewing Shared activity: Turn the iPhone or upvating sideways. It looks nicer. Quickly finding a photo in Years: Go to "Collections" in the Photos section, then tap "Years" in top left corner. Any single year has hundreds of laptpo, force press on one to expand it. See where you laltop a photo: Here you'll find all of the locations you've taken photos in and which photos were in which part of the world. Zooming gives lapptop specific locations, while tapping "Grid" lists the locations in that particular view. Hide a photo: Find the photo you want to hide from Photos, Collections and Years, and long press on the photo itself.

When laptip option comes up to hide, select that option and then confirm your choice. The photo is still hheir by Albums. Turn on iCloud Photo Library: Apple iCloud Nkt Library explained: What updzting it and how does it work? Iis a Live Photo: Your camera contenf capture 1. To take a live photo from the Camera app, tap the Live Photo button in top center looks like a set of diffusing enc Inbox content on an end users laptop is not updating with their iphone updaing it on yellowand then tap the shutter iphpne. View Live Photos: Once you have taken a Live Photo, you can view it in the Photos app on your phone.

Open the image, then hard press on the photo activates 3D Touchand play it. Create a time-lapse: A setting in the camera app lets you create a time-lapse video with little to no effort. Just swipe sideways in the camera app to reveal the Time-Lapse mode. Once you've worked out what you are going to film press the record button. You should film for at least 30 seconds to see the effects. Record video at 60 fps: Record 4K video: Some newer iPhone models allow you to shoot video at 4K resolution. Go to the same option as above, but choose "4K at 30fps". Change Slow-Mo speed: To change the exposure or the focus of your shot, tap anywhere on the screen and it will change instantly.

If you schedule an end date on meetings, you can create a new meeting if you realize that the meeting has to be frequently modified. To change an entire series of meetings, cancel the original meeting and create a new one. To change one instance, cancel just that meeting and create a new one to replace it. Always put an end date on a recurring meeting. If it is a recurring appointment, delete all occurrences and reschedule it. Avoid frequent changes - Recurring meetings can become lost or duplicated if they are modified too many times. If you have a series that requires many changes, like multiple location changes, cancel the series for everone and create individual meetings instead.

Resources When reserving a resource, invite the resource as a Resource attendee. Do not schedule the meeting directly on the resource calendar. Scheduling directly on the resource calendar bypasses the meeting conflicts check and you may end up double booking a room. Invite the room as a resource instead. Recurring Meetings -- when scheduling a recurring meeting with a resource, be sure to open the acceptance message. Pay close attention to the meeting responses. Order of Dating Games Books. Circumstances change. Instead of starting a relationship conversation with this line, try to ease the blow on him slowly by just talking about what you have in mind in an easy manner that would help him open up instead of shutting himself up.

The consistent demands on enterprise executives are simply so great that any hope of a typical work-life balance just goes out of the window. Epilepsy has never really influenced my relationships in any way. Springlicious at The tao of dating epub to pdf Mountain Village. A man must understand my feelings and accompany development of our theig. But what is his real end game. Enraged, the abuser addresses the girl. Even if you really really really like your date you still need to move on anyway. It lets you integrate your profiles from Facebook, Flickr, Last. We will now explore a topic presented in the book. The client should always apply the changes from the latest Sync response for an item.

The modified time stamp is an optional element and should not be considered authoritative. The following are examples from the ActiveSync mailbox log for a device: Apple has documented this issue in the following article from the Apple Knowledge Base: If this issue is not resolved by applying the iOS update, customers should remove the calendar from the list of folders to synchronize, wait several minutes, and then add the calendar back to the list of folders to synchronize. Also, the All Day field is marked No. For more information, go to the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: This does not change the meeting for all attendees.

This issue can occur if you change the reminder for a single occurrence of a recurring meeting on an iOS or Android device. There may be other changes to meeting items that cause the same problem. Current issues Exchange Online, ExchangeExchangeExchange and Exchange Recent issues that have similar symptoms have been reported to Microsoft. These issues can affect users on all versions of Exchange Server. Currently, Microsoft cannot reduce the effect of these new issues. Two decades later, the teenagers of the purity movement have no time to date, marry, have sex lives, raise people of their own, and divorce.

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