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The Disciplinary Couples Club

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It is a little hard for us to do that, however, given our usual routine, as unlike some disciplinary couples, we have not set up a strict separation between discipline and sex. The sequential spankings that added up to 15 minutes total, with intervening corner time, did seem to fit the purpose I hand mind, namely I remained very conscious that I could have avoided one or more of the independent rounds of punishment and corner time by behaving, so the power to control the extent of my punishment was in my own hands. It was truly an obsessive kind of thing, and as far as I recall the first time I had experienced anything like that.

It will take a special focus on her part to condition her male to be the willing recipient of her attentions and desires.

In a word, no. The home of Garth ToynTanen, his ideas and, it is hoped, yours! Was it all you expected it to be? I was aroused and scared at the same time. Because, "asking for it" can be through words or actions, right? While we do those fairly frequently, we also do seem to have picked up several new commenters in the last few months. Tell your story!

Artwork wife husband disciplinary Bdsm submissive

I hope you all had a great week. In the end, his devotion to you will be the signature to your masterpiece. But, she called me at work I think it was the next afternoon, though I don't have a clear memory of that.

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