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Motivation and proof-of-concept of a defect assay for DNA Protehsen. Orange badeanzhg indicate double-helical DNA domains and segments drawn in cyan badeansug unpaired DNA elements structural defects. The strands were picked at random. See Supplementary Figs 1—3 for design details. Scale bar, 20 nm. Solid line: Full size image Oonline method for detecting unpaired DNA elements consists in A adding Protheseh fluorescent object label, B incubating the self-assembly reaction products with a fluorescent label for unpaired DNA detailed belowC separating the double-labelled reaction products from excess object and defect labels via gel electrophoresis and D recording the fluorescence intensity of the target object in the emission channels of the object and defect label, respectively.

The working principle of the assay is illustrated exemplarily with the three variants of the helix bundle discussed above Fig. The specific object labelling was achieved by replacing one of the DNA staple strands with a cyaninemodified version in each of the three self-assembly reaction mixtures. In all three samples, a band is visible in the defect label emission channel that colocalizes with the target object band as seen in the object label emission channel Fig. Importantly, the intensity of the target object band in the defect channel increased with increasing amount of unpaired DNA prepared by strand omission.

Therefore, in contrast to imaging by TEM as in Fig.

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Prothesen badeanzug online dating the basis of target sequence space considerations Supplementary Note 1Supplementary Fig. In these sequences, every base type occurs with the same frequency, and also every possible subsequence of the length given by the order occurs exactly once as a sequence of bareanzug characters. For Prothesdn synthesis, the strings needed to be linearized and Prrothesen split such badeanzyg to reduce the propensity for forming secondary structures that could compete with the binding to the target Supplementary Fig.

For example, the circular de-Bruijn sequence of order 3 with 64 bases length was split asymmetrically into Prothezen strings of length 41 and 27 bases to prevent occurrence of a hairpin motif. Four additional bases daying to be introduced to restore subsequences that were lost by linearizing and splitting the de-Bruijn sequence of order 3 Fig. The oligonucleotides derived from a de-Bruijn sequence of given order were each mixed in a 1: On the basis of the sequence-matching statistics between target and probe, propensity for side reactions, signal strength and bias for AT-rich Prothesen badeanzug online dating GC-rich unpaired DNA Supplementary Note 1Supplementary Figs 12—14 when compared with the de-Bruijn sequences of order 2 and 4, the lnline derived rPothesen the de-Bruijn sequence of order 3 were the best choice for the intended probe.

For a quantitative evaluation of the relative amount of unpaired DNA bases, we recorded gel-electrophoretic lane intensity profiles with a multicolour fluorescence laser scanner equipped with a photomultiplier FLAGE Healthcare. Peak intensities of the target object bands were determined in the object label Fig. We computed the ratio of the target band intensities in the defect label channel versus object label channel Fig. Furthermore, the labelling by the defect probe was only detectable in badeamzug setup Prothesen badeanzug online dating the electrophoretic separation was done in an ice-water bath Supplementary Figs 15 and These data support the notion that the defect labelling occurs predominantly at unpaired DNA sites and point against alternative sources of labelling such as binding through triple-helix formation, fluorescent dye Prothesrn or double-helical DNA domain breathing in the dxting DNA.

Also, the electrophoretic mobility of target objects remained unaffected by the defect label Supplementary Fig. Our strategy relies on titrating the content of unpaired DNA elements in a given target object by omitting subsets of DNA strands from the self-assembly reactions to obtain information on the dependency of the defect labelling brightness on a known content of unpaired DNA in the object. The strategy was tested experimentally with a panel of multilayer DNA origami objects comprising 6- 8- and helix bundles that were all designed not to contain unpaired DNA elements Supplementary Figs 20— Another sample was the helix bundle from Fig.

The helix bundle was also designed with an improved staple strand breaking rule All objects were labelled with a single cyanine-5 dye on a selected staple strand to provide a reference signal for object concentration. Self-assembly reaction mixtures were prepared for each object that sampled an increasing amount of unpaired DNA pseudo-defects by omitting more and more DNA strands from the self-assembly reaction mixtures Supplementary Tables 1— After completion of the self-assembly reactions, the products were mixed with the defect label and gel-electrophoresed side-by-side see exemplary gel data in Fig.

The slopes varied considerably from object to object, which we attribute mostly to variations of the fluorescence brightness of the Cy5-labelled DNA oligonucleotides that served as object concentration reference Supplementary Fig. For the evaluation of the relative brightness in the context of a pseudo-defect titration, the object label fluorescence brightness and the rate of object label incorporation does not matter as long as it remains the same among the samples that are being compared Supplementary Fig.

Figure 2: Top and bottom images show the fluorescence intensity in the object and defect label channels, respectively. P indicates the gel pocket and F, the target object band. Coloured circles: Solid lines give linear fits to the data, including an extrapolation to the negative x axis to determine the zero point. Errors are errors of the linear fit and should only be considered as the minimum extrapolation error with respect to the true unpaired DNA remainder. Full size image The defect probe also labelled objects that were prepared with unpaired DNA pseudo-defects that were placed in the interior of the object Supplementary Figs 31 and 32 and Supplementary Tables 11 and Importantly, there was also a faint defect labelling intensity of the target object bands produced in reaction mixtures that contained all required strands Fig.

This finding hinted thus at incomplete self-assembly, since these objects were designed not to contain unpaired DNA except for the TT tails in the helix bundle. By extrapolating a linear fit of the relative defect label brightness as a function of unpaired DNA bases and determining the intersection with the x axis, an estimate of the remainder of unpaired DNA defects can now be given Fig. Therefore, on the average, the equivalent of 1. In an enzymatically prepared and thus putatively fully double-stranded DNA plasmid control, faint defect labelling was detectable when overloading the gel lane Supplementary Fig.

This value may indicate the upper limit of quality that may be detectable with our assay due to artefactual background labelling. Nicked dsDNA plasmids with backbone nicks occurring every 42 bases that were prepared through self-assembly of staple DNA strands on a scaffold DNA as the other multilayer DNA origami objects gave negligible signal strength in the defect label channel Supplementary Fig. An, in this case, unreliable defect extrapolation as in Fig. These values correspond to an assembly quality between A strong assumption that underlies the defect extrapolation is that of an one-to-one relationship between the number of bases in omitted strands and the number of unpaired DNA bases that emerge in the folded object as a consequence.

This is debatable since the omission of a given strand from a reaction could potentially inhibit the incorporation of other strands that are present in the reaction. But the linear increase in defect labelling when leaving out more and more strands from the reaction also implies that the inhibitory effect would have to be fairly independent of the identity of the strand that has been left out, which we consider unlikely, given the asymmetry of the object design in terms of sequences and strand routing. Refining self-assembly protocols using the defect label Finally, we illustrate exemplarily how our assay may be employed to refine self-assembly protocols. As was described previously 27scaffolded DNA origami objects are capable of assembling at constant temperature, which allowed for reducing reaction times as compared with annealing-based protocols while at the same time providing high yields of assembled objects.

The success of assembly was previously judged by electrophoretic mobility and TEM imaging alone 27which may not have resolved subtle differences in the quality of the reaction products. By using the defect label, this property can now be assessed in greater detail. Therefore, we have setup an exemplary screen of constant-temperature self-assembly reactions with a duration of 2 h for making two versions of a helix bundle object and analysed the products with the defect label as above Fig. For the variant analysed in Fig. The difference in defect labelling intensity corresponded to an estimated equivalent of two to three staple strands that did not incorporate out of a pool of strands in the reaction products from the constant temperature reaction as compared with the products from traditional annealing.

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