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First, sh This gorgeous girl ladt like an Egyptian queen with her dark eye make up and luscious red mouth. She welcomed her prince by kneeling and then making him hard by servicing his c Reply Gunsmoke After nearly 15 years of sex toy play - we have slowly increased the size of our 'toy set'. Girth wise that's going from 4. So what have I noticed? When we use a 2" toy - then have intercourse there is a noticeable loss of tightness. But interestingly the same loss can happen if we use the PureWand and she has a gushing orgasm.

However the changes are not all bad. The lower friction levels from the lubrication after gushing or Bfautiful larger toy enables me to oady my orgasm resulting in at least more orgasms for my wife - and usually a stronger orgasm for me. If more friction is necessary we'll switch to doggy style and she'll keep her knees together to tighten things up - which also gives me some leverage for 'pounding' - grabb'n those hips at goi'n at it'! We have also embarked on some new ideas new for us. We are going to incorporate more anal play - plugs and vibes that serve to tighten things up and add new levels of pleasure for both of us.

Sorry for the long answer - hope the info is useful! That being said, my bf is an average size, and I find that sex with him is no less enjoyable after using a larger toy.

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