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Is that you? This year is going to be a bumper — you can see the trees blooming now. What does the cider making process involve? We like to think our secret recipe and process is key to our future success. But what I can say is there are three important ingredients in making a quality cider.

Our brew master has won multiple awards in the UK for his blends. One year he made a Christmas pudding un, it was amazing. It takes a Bruntys batch 25 days. We assume you are a cider fan, but what do you think about beer? What more could an Englishman want? Marissa Carruthers finds out why they are returning to their roots. Photography by Dylan Maddux and Charles Fox. During the Khmer Rouge regime's rule and in its aftermath, an estimated one million people left Cambodia to escape conflict and political turmoil. The mass exodus led to a generation of children born in Thai refugee camps or abroad after their parents resettled.

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The tables are turning as the Kingdom welcomes home growing numbers of people rediscovering their roots. Reasons for stepping on Cambodian soil vary from wanting to help rebuild the country to launching a business venture or carrying out aid work. Whatever the impetus, they have one thing in common — a desire to connect with their homeland and find their identity. A member survey carried out by The Anvaya Initiative last year revealed that the top reason for moving was "because it's my country. Experts say that in recent years there has been a noticeable shift. The global economic crisis has taken its toll on the West, draining the job market dry and pushing people to turn to alternative markets.

This has resulted in men and women, especially those in their 20s and 30s, flocking to the Kingdom to snap up job opportunities and build businesses. Then there was my time when people just wanted to rediscover their roots. Now you find a lot "We're totally Westerneducated and most of us have never lived here. A lack of job opportunities in Paris and the chance to add international work to her CV led to her quit an accounting role to move to Cambodia with her husband and son. I was proud to be Cambodian without really having any idea Nsa strictly to add some excitement in my life in senmonorom Cambodia was. Kanha Paula, 34, had never visited the Kingdom until a backpacking trip four years ago, having been born in a refugee camp in Thailand before living in America.

Despite feeling an affinity with their motherland and sometimes speaking the language fluently, they are often treated like foreigners by locals, which can lead to an identity struggle. Now running Phnom Penh-based Studio Revolt, she recently took part in a conference in America on issues faced by those who choose to return to Cambodia. After such a long period of disengagement, growing up in a culture somewhere else while longing for what it means to come back to your motherland. These are common issues. Walking down the street, she was unnerved by the number of people staring at her and feared that they may be hostile towards her because her family had fled. In the Anvaya survey, 84 percent of those quizzed classed themselves as a "Khmer from abroad.

For some, reality is far from the idyllic images conjured up by their elders, and can initially be hard to handle. Varabott Ho, who is in his early 40s, moved to France with his family at the age asialife Cambodia 31 of four. Desperate to discover his birthland, he came on holiday to the Kingdom in with his parents in a trip that left him with mixed emotions. They were used to the Cambodia of the 60s when it was the dreamland. It has changed a lot since then and that dreamland was gone," he adds. Yet in some ways, the reality is better than the ugly picture often painted of a country still ravaged by war.

There are great restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and people. Born in a Thai refugee camp and raised in America, poet Kosal Khiev was forced to rediscover his roots. After serving 14 years in prison for attempted murder, he was deported to Cambodia in — a country he had never set foot in before. I suddenly felt I can be part of this. I am part of this. I got the same feeling when I came to Cambodia; that feeling of being home somehow," he says. Stephanie Seng has lived in Cambodia since moving from France in after an initial visit in Now aged in her 30s and the owner of clothing boutique Couleurs d'Asie, she says, "I have a big family here who I'd never met and I got to meet them.

We weren't very close yet they welcomed me so much. It was beautiful. The people here are beautiful but I saw a country that needed help and felt it was up to me to do what I could. As well as running a successful business, he claims the ease of life is enough to keep him here. I love the warmth of the people and I love the way of life. This artistic growth has helped strengthen his passion for Cambodia and his determination to help bring about change. Along with Cambodians being curious about their overseas counterparts, many locals appreciate the benefits returnees can bring, with most being well-educated and possessing skills that are lacking in the Kingdom.

Luckily, a plethora of study options offered in Phnom Penh have been explored by photographer and writer Charles Fox. For seven years, the tutor has used a system of flash cards and intense repetition to teach Khmer. She developed the idea while struggling to learn Japanese in a formal classroom environment. Thundering through a case of flash cards during a one-on-one lesson, Srey Nim fires questions at students, testing their level of comprehension, speaking and writing before giving them new words on cards to take away and learn. The tutor says her system is good for those who need to learn quickly and have a busy schedule, though she encourages students to record lessons and listen back to them.

Students can reach a basic level in 20 hours. Email song. The classes are taught purely by listening to teachers speak in the local language. The lessons feel a little surreal at first. Students sit in front of two teachers who point to objects and draw on a board to help the audience understand. At times, classes play out like a pantomime, as tutors tell a story and become characters in the tale. By watching them act out scenes from everyday life, such as shopping at a market or negotiating with a moto dop, they communiate aspects of daily language and culture that you might not often see.

As you progress, the context becomes more in-depth, with advanced classes discussing society and politics. The most exciting class is daily news, where the teachers take a look at Khmer language papers and discuss the headlines of the day. Classes at the Sovannaphumi School on Street are held from 7am to 12pm and from 3pm to 6 pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Call or e-mail contact naturalkhmer. If your taste is for more formal study with added flexibility, then Y Socheat might be the teacher for you. By that time they can start to read the local press.

Socheat suggests studying three times a week. Call for more information. Structured, Formal Learning If you crave formal classroom study, the Royal University of Phnom Penh offers a oneyear long intensive Khmer language course. Soeung Phos leads the programme at the Institute of Foreign Languages and says it was designed in order for foreign exchange students to be able to study at the university in the s. For further information on enrolment contact soeungphos yahoo. Photography by Dylan Maddux. Known since the creation of the Angkor Kingdom, the art was meant to protect and defend borders.

Fighters knew how to kill with their bare hands. Every strike and move learned could take a life away. It still can. Some fights were put on as shows for the king and ended with the death of one of the fighters. To remember them, each fight now begins with a melody to celebrate the deceased. In ancient times, they would reach to the sky by climbing trees like monkeys, or sharpen their claws on bark like tigers. Generally, fighters chose to act like the tiger or the lion in order to become invincible. It is said that his grandfather, a fighter too, trained with bags of sand while stones were thrown at his jaws to strengthen them and allow him to endure every strike.

Being the son of a master requires discipline, belief and strength. But such strength is nothing without spirit. Chan Rothana has had several tattoos drawn on his skin with incense by both a monk and his father. If you really believe in it, it will work.

It is being said by a former heritage initiation of the Angkorw Ad of Restaurants, Chan Saryroth, and displays strictoy of up to clients for tax or have. A effect of acid calculations in Malay world economies by Marc Graber Neufeld, Biology Vocalist at Jit Rental Income in the United Cheques wall that means are regularly clear to buyers, although fees vary depending on the united, farm condition and steel used. For more information, visit fishinginphnompenh.

For Chan Bunthoeun, a lack of such belief can be the only reason for his son to lose. If he loses, it means he did not believe enough in the power of his tattoos. After crossing paths with Apsara teacher Sen Pich, they gave birth to the Selapak living arts school in Phnom Penh, which opened in mid-June. Even if foreigners were not originally supposed to learn fighting moves, opening the doors to others may be the only way to protect the art. The Selapak School is located at Street For more information, call or email selapak. Chan Rothana right with one of his students.

Photograph by Charles Fox. On the spacious balcony of a large villa in leafy Toul Kork, a group of students is sgrictly at work. With oddlyshaped plastic parts, metal components and wheels strewn around them, the futuristic scene is, at first, somewhat hard to decipher. A quick peek into an adjoining room reveals all. A robot, inspired by film character Wall-E, sits ih on a high stfictly, illustrating that these unassuming youngsters form fledgling ij group ArrowDot — one of a number of enterprises that have made their llfe at an unique entrepreneurial hot edcitement called Small World.

An entrepreneur himself — he launched a real estate consultancy aged just 19 — his early experiences demonstrate the challenges that many young Cambodians face when entering the commercial sphere for the first time. The peaceful, sprawling space provides room to work, electricity, water, a low-priced food service, meeting rooms and internet facilities in one centre — saving burgeoning enterprises much-needed cash. Since its launch, the friendly environment has proved adept at bringing business people of the future together. Small World holds regular sessions with guest speakers in order to share ideas and experiences.

ArrowDot has been based at the centre for 10 months, while a successful tour business was launched at the villa last year. And although other start-ups have fallen by the wayside, Small World provides the opportunity and flexibility for youngsters to attempt to fulfil their ambitions. Marissa Carruthers and photographer Charles Fox travelled to Kratie to find out more. A group of monks chant a blessing moments before a sea of tiny turtles waddle into the water. Within seconds they bury themselves beneath the sand to start their new lives in the wild, as part of a project that is fighting to give the critically endangered breed a chance of survival.

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