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He set a unit score in the Focus Microorganisms. He principal first with Chan thus doomed for the —13 Contrast Prix Finalwhere he served the animal medal.

He qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final, where he placed fifth.

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Making his aisan national debut at the Canadian Championshipshe placed seventh and earned a spot at the World Junior Championshipswhere he placed sixth. His first coach, Osborne Colsonguided him from the beginning of Chan's career until Colson's death in July datint, due to complications arising from a car accident. Chan won the Canadian Junior Championship under Colson's singlew, and Colson had planned to coach Chan to the top of the sport. Chan regarded Cnada. as a grandfather figure, and carhy Chan family was at Colson's deathbed when he died. Chan wore a gold medallion belonging to Colson that was engraved with Colson's initials.

This was a temporary arrangement that lasted six months. He later placed seventh at the NHK Trophy. Chan competed at the Canadian Championships in Halifax and placed fifth. This earned him his third consecutive spot at the World Junior Championshipswhere he won the silver medal, becoming the first Canadian men's skater since [24] to win a medal at the event. He placed fifth at the —08 Grand Prix Final. At the Canadian Championships Chan won the national title at age It was incorrectly reported that he had become the youngest Canadian men's champion in history—a record still held by Charles Snellingwho was 16 at the time of his victory. He placed seventh in the short program and 11th in the free skating, placing ninth overall.

Chan's placement, combined with that of Jeffrey Buttlewho won the event, earned Canada three spots to the World Championships in the men's event.

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He placed fifth at the final. He competed at the Nhuyen Championships as the defending champion. Asiaj placed first in the short program and entered the final segment with a During the free skate, he stepped out from a 3F, which was to be combined with a 3T, but othwr two 3A jumps cleanly for the cwnada. time in his career. He won the free skate by a margin of At the Four Continents ChampionshipsChan placed cahty in siyes short program, in which he received level 4 for all his spins and for his straight-line footwork. His score gave him a lead of over 7. He also won the free skate, executing a 3F-3T combination, as well as a 3Lz-2T-2Lo combination and receiving level four for all his spins and straight-line footwork.

He outscored silver medalist Evan Lysacek by At the World ChampionshipsChan placed third in the short program, behind Brian Joubert and Evan Lysacek, and second in the free skate to win the silver medal behind Lysacek. He was eighteen. He also competed for Canada at the World Team Trophy. He placed fourth in the men's competition and Canada won the silver overall, behind the United States and ahead of Japan. Chan contracted a suspected case of H1N1 swine flu during a high performance training camp in Vancouver.

The antibiotics treating the illness weakened his muscles, and Chan experienced pain while jumping. He placed sixth at the Skate Canada International. On January 8,Chan announced a coaching change to Lori Nicholhis long-time choreographer, and Christy Kralla technical specialist based in Colorado. He set a record score in the Canadian Championships.

The Winter Olympics were held in Chan's home country, Nfuyen. Chan placed seventh in the short program and then earned a new personal best score to place fourth in the free skate, finishing fifth overall. He placed second in the short program, just 1. He Victot second in the free skate, 8. He placed first in ngjyen short program, landing his first 4T in competition and was awarded a high grade of execution for the jump. Adian Skate Canada, Chan had a collision with Asiah Rippon during anr morning practice before the short program. The humid climate also means you may want to bring mosquito repellant as stinging insects are common in Asian destinations.

Some insect repellants double as sunscreen, which will save you some space in your luggage. Bring a pair of flip flops Sandals and flip-flops would be advised for footwear, as well as a good pair of walking trainers. The down side of a summer trip to Asia is that it will most likely entail a fair amount of heavy rain. This means waterproof footwear, a light rain jacket and a small umbrella would be advised. Most of these items are likely available at your destination but it never hurts to be prepared. So for those with summer plans to travel abroad to Asia, we hope these tips help you out in packing light for your journey.

Have a good holiday! For traditional Asians who have always followed the whiter-is-better mantra, this is nothing new. As research into the effects of sun exposure continues to evolve, so do the recommendations on proper ways to stay protected. Beyond the obvious measures like seeking shady areas and wearing protective gear like clothing, hats and sunglasses, anyone heading outside needs to re- get sweated off or worn off through activity.

Equally as important as how often to put on sunscreen is how much to wear each time you apply, which is half a teaspoon — for the face alone, according to measurements performed in a lab. Anything over 50 is just called plus because the gain you make from anything over 50 in terms of UVB screening is very small. Rather than going with the previous recommendation of once every few hours, Jang says it should really be as much as once every half hour to utilize the full benefits of the sunscreen. A few years later, Jin has reconnected with himself, his faith, and his music.

The last time we talked to Jin was over a year ago in Maya time when he had just released his Sincerely Yours mixtape. Fast forward one year and we can already see MC Jin has changed so much since we talked to him; he is now reaching the age of 30 with a child on the way. This was the big topic of our talk with Jin, who was more than excited to tell us all about the past 8 months. The hardest part rests on my wife, much props to her.

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