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The Easiest Way to Find & Load Subtitle (SRT) Files with Video

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Nowadays, I never watch any movies or Loe shows without subtitles because the experience is simply subpar without them. Reasons to start using subtitles include: For most people, subtitles are less jarring than dubbed audio and therefore the preferred way to watch. Inaudible dialog. I love British dramas, but as an American, it can be tough to understand characters with thick accents.

Problems with audio mixing are common as well, such as when sound effects are too loud while dialog can barely be heard. Narrative comprehension. If you watch a lot of science fiction with made-up proper nouns or a series like Game of Thrones with hundreds of names, then subtitles can make it much easier to follow along and understand what characters are actually talking about. The solution? Capture streaming videos and download them to your computer!

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This can be easy as pie if, say, you downloaded a movie off of a torrent site 11 Online Sources to Find Legal Torrents 11 Online Sources to Find Legal Torrents Recent events have seen well-known torrent directories like BTJunkie closing their doors or being threatened with closure, leaving many people wondering about the legalities of torrents and which directories are still open to find them Read More. However, you may not find any available subtitles if you download a YouTube clip. When looking for subtitles, we only recommend these two sites: Subscene — My personal favorite.

Subtitles are categorized by title, language, and whether or not they include hearing-impaired cues. Grabbing subtitles here can feel like a game of elimination as you try to figure out which download links are the right ones.

Subscene — My linked soft. The rile?.

In addition to all of that, it almost always flawlessly shows subtitles for videos when the SRT file is in the same folder and has the same name as the video file. Additionally, if there are multiple SRT files available, it will pick all of them up and let you choose. If, for some reason, VLC does not automatically load your subtitle file, you can just right-click on the video, choose Subtitle and click Add Subtitle File. SUB and. IDX file. I added the. SUB file and the subtitles loaded right up just fine.

That is literally it. It is so easy that it only takes three paragraphs to explain how to use it. Finding and Downloading Subtitles Luckily, just about every TV Show and movie has a subtitle file created for it by some gracious soul.

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