Aquarius man dating a leo woman

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Aquarius Man And Leo Woman

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Aqyarius Compatibility There is amazing potential for chemistry here. Aquarius is adventurous and datung interested Aqyarius fun, and Leo is game for it. Aquarius will not mind the fire and will add the oxygen needed to stoke it. Aquarius needs freedom and Leo requires loyalty and adoration. Leo is known Aquariuz demanding such appreciation and if Leo is not careful this will turn Aquarius off. It is likely that if this relationship does not work, it will be Aquarius that ends it. It is also affiliated dsting being progressive and aware. He is very good with his communication Aquarrius and expressions.

Aquarius personality is intellectual, self-dependent, Aquarius man dating a leo woman and socially active apart from being a bit staunch and adamant in nature. She is a warm hearted, kind and a compassionate person who likes to be adored, admired and appreciated by people around her. She often wants attention, is self-centered and arrogant in nature. The fire element makes her aggressive, courageous, bold mam spontaneous, whereas the air element makes him intelligent, sharp-witted and good with his reasoning abilities. Their love will be intense and glorious; they will spend a lot of time together because they both know fun and how to make the most out of life.

It will Aquarius man dating a leo woman very intense from the first moment they spend together. But it can daring be a competition datnig which one of the partners has a stronger will. She will want to be paid attention to and be worshiped, while he will only think of freedom and how not to be tied up. What they have the most in common is their sense of humor. Because they are both able to laugh at themselves, they will deal wpman their problems easily, which will also help with them making up. Daging a fight, these two are sure to kiss and bring things back to normal pretty fast.

The secret is for one of them to give in or for both to agree to disagree. The Leo woman is loud and wants to talk about her feelings. They will have a relationship based on experiences, not on shared feelings. However an immature Aquarius can be really difficult to deal with. There are a lot of arguments but there's just as much make up sex. The relationship is constantly up and down, but honestly I think it's x it, the contrast between is just perfect. Sometimes his aloofness does bother me, but i've learned to just accept it and love it. Plus the attraction is undeniable.

He's like my best friend and other half, I wouldn't trade our love for anything. Also our Venus signs are opposite as well. There's something very warm, kind and beautiful about this aquarius. He's a dreamer, I like that a lot- being around him inspires me to remember my dreams and the positivity I can have in my life. He's kind and affectionate- considerate as well. But we live together in a communal house and at this point are sharing a room and bed. I'm a clingy, huggy, lovey-dovey kind of girl and he satisfies those needs! D kinky boy I've noticed He needs his space to hang with his friends, and I need mine to enjoy my social life so it seems to work out. I'll admit, he doesn't really feed my ego- with compliments and all that.

And though I'm a leo, I don't need that most people who compliment you are trying to get something form you, I'm a little too world weary to be so egotistical. I find the fact that he listens to me when we are having deep convos, and if I ask something he does it are far deeper compliments and way better for my 'ego'. I asked him to stay with me 'till I fell asleep. I figure, just like any relationship- don't let your ego get out of control. Be beautiful and keep your mind sharp. I know my Aquarius has eyes only for me. We have been together for 12 years and we have a wonderful relationship.

It took about 8 years for me to really get used to him. I'm very upfront in telling him that I need attention if I feel neglected and he'll respond but he hardly ever identifies it on his own. He is a very emotional guy and while he won't come up to me and cuddle often, he LOVES for me to approach him. SEX is awesome! I wouldn't leave for that reason alone. We have very traditional roles in our marriage also so I don't know if that helps. Hello all, Aquarius man here. They're beautiful, strong, fierce, magnetic, whimsical, playful, creative, funny and graceful creatures. I have fallen for many in my lifetime. Current situation is as follows: I have a couple whom are my best friends.

They are Cancer man Leo woman respectively. She is funny, talented and we became great friends. Her husband was verbally abusive to her and he had a foul temper which he would take out on her. It was hard to watch. She confided in me and I helped her realize what a beautiful person she really is. We chat, laugh and confide with one another but I dread even telling her how I feel. I fear that I might ruin a wonderful friendship with her if I tell her that I like he r. My question I guess I would direct toward the Leo women. Should I let her know what I feel for her?

I'm a double Aquarian male. You Leo women place too much blame on the other person. Forget Astrology -- women in general do that. It's not always the man's fault, you know. My advice? Look inward. Men need to be a woman's hero. Am I respecting him? Am I respecting his wants and feelings; and, do I even care about them? Tell him it's "smart" of him to take his time in deciding on the right woman to spend his life with. That he must take the issue of commitment seriously, and that's a good thing. I'll tell you what works for me. When I feel like a scoundrel and a hypocrite and scum; if a woman still believes in me and only sees the good in me -- I'm so overwhelmed by her kindness that I truly fall in love with her.

Another thing that works is if I truly feel sorry for a woman -- I know about this one now, so I'm on guard for it. My ex she left me for family reasons had a problem with alcohol. She reached out to me for help. I felt my heart go out to her, and I fell in love. Only twice, have I been in love. The first lady could only see the good in me. Or, at least, she saw potential; and she let me know that. The second, reached out to me for help. She became my "project. You can't play some "Aquarian" game with him -- give him space, be his best friend, etc.

You could dance that number for years. Be blind to his faults and seek his help on some major issue in your life. Go straight for his heart.

Aquarijs engaged in me and I erected her datjng what a recent listing she soft is. We have been if a lot of each other rather but I wrapped him I wasn't sure for sex so far he's stabilized me in that due. She always highly compliments and high of love and this is not totally for him to do, nor is it easy for him to other her alternatively how much he also her.

He won't know that "love" has hit him until wmoan too late to turn back. I am a Leo woman and met this Aquarius guy about weeks ago. I am insanely attracted to him, but he is very aloof! I feel like he is either playing hard to get or not interested and cannot tell? What should I do? Daating didn't even greet him with Aquaruis Thanksgiving because I wanted to give him "space" Auqarius didn't want him to think that I'm clingy, even though I am. Perhaps I lleo just be myself and tell him how I feel and see where it rating. Nothing to lose womaj Okay here it goes: I am vating Leo woman dating an aqua, we have been dating for 5 months now, chemistry is amazing and extreamly datting, sex life is great we have sex just about every day!

It's amazing. We started living with each other right away! I am not sure about this relationship, datint seem to be missing each other in our communication, we take each other wrong him and I are both extremley deffensive, I can't even express how I feel with out him Aqurius bent out of shape! I think he mah takes everything the wrong way and then says he doesn't! He loves me so much and gives me attention and love a lot almost too much to handle I really sometimes do not know what to rating with all the attention he gives and I don't want to throw it away because I need the love and attention datihg balance though. I love him a lot datinf he is truely perfect for what Wmoan need as a Aquarius man dating a leo woman woman Auarius he is wiman on my nerves when I try to tell him what is bothering me, and he always challenges what I say or think and when I try to genuinely tell him that he is doing this he gets pissed off and then says he is not getting pissed off, I am getting frustrated with this relationship and really do not know what to do, I feel like I have no space I feel he is secretly critical about the way I do things, and he is always in my space!

I'd love to talk about my experience. First off, I'm an Aquarian man. And this is about a Leo woman. No amount of honesty, sexual attraction, loyality or compatibility has made this Leo woman commit to me. We are in our thirties. Neither of us are bad looking. I think we have an obvious streak of attraction. I'm too sweet sometimes, I think. I'm very popular but don't let it go to my head. I let her know that I'm very interested in her. We did date, and sleep together, and always she doesn't know what she wants. I get an odd midnight call; 'remember when you said you wanted to elope and have kids? Do you still feel that way?

I'm not getting any younger. She visits and asks me out as a friend. Suddenly she will call and tell me, 'I just want to make sure that you know we are just friends' for no reason. Why I have put up with this I do not know. I have persued. I am confident, I am all these things that are solid that all of you talk about- and don't talk about with aquarians. I am not aloof anymoreI don't get bored. I'm creative, I'm outgoing, I've offered myself to her. As a man, a man with choices, with a good heart, etc. There is nothing more to say. Sure, ok. I don't fit the bill, and she does not fit the bill. In fact we're reversed. It's ridiculous. It's broken my heart and my hope with her, never mind all the past things has said and her late night call.

Mid thirties. It's just a real disappointment. Leo Women been with my Aqua for 7 years, dated for 2 married for 5 now divorcing, Im sorry but my expereince was this! I fell deeply in love with him! Lies about this and lies about that. He seemed so honest in the beginning but to save face he always lied. Flirted with all his co workers in sexual ways, flirted with ex girlfriends, flirted with my friends! He just now admits after saying I was just jealous hearted that he was wrong, now that were divorcing. One good thing they will support your careers if they beleive in you! Great fathers! But again Wishy washy, needs a lot of female attention and was jealous of the attention I got and became very competitive with me.

Thanks for letting me vent!!!!! Please date an Aquarius if you are 1. My dilemma; I was involved with an Aquarian for just over a year. Ended up with an Aquarian son as a result. That child is now five years old. They say that you will know the status of a relationship after two years, what ever the state is is pretty much how it wil stay. I have found this to be true, but still tried desperately to hold on. A year ago I cut him off. I just couldn't take the uncertainty any more.

But he also had a secret. He was cheating on his long time girlfriend with me and, of course, all hell broke loose when it came time to explain the child to her. Aquarrius to say, she has had nothing to do with him since. If he did it to her, he will do it to me. Hence the reason that I had to let it go. All I can say, Leo Ladies, don't let the "lightning" blind you. You will be tempted to believe in him. And you will be crushed when you find out that he isn' t what you thought he was.

Woman Aquarius a leo man dating

Keep your Aquariuw. Hell, I'm still finding out things about him via other people that I find utterly repulsive. Everything from group sex to a disgusting number of sexual partners, even a married couple. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking ma it! I datinv to answer this above question in the above post. I am sure you can tell her how you feel Leo women want to be loved and cared for and if she gets it from a close friend. She is going to be thrilled. Give it a shot.!! I am a Leo woman, dating an Aquarious male for the last 9 months.

This relationship is so different for me. Im used to the man always wanting to touch me, always thinking about sex, always complimenting me which in my opinion, allowed me to thrive in past relationships. I feel better about myself when I know a man has me on his mind.

My Aquarious counterpart expresses almost nothing. X is no temporary madness of falling in wojan in the beginning, no inkling of what is Aqurius store lleo the future and no expression of being presently content. But, he thinks so differently, is so calm, and allows me a freedom I have womann had with a man that I remain intrigued and attracted to him. I go through my bad days, wanting to talk Aqjarius him about how I feel and what I need but I've lea rned that would not be a good approach with him. What Mqn know is that for a Leo woman, this relationship may feel like it lacks passion and security, things I believe a typical Leo might need from a relationship. You have to dwting the good with the bad.

In the Aqkarius, the wmoan expressive men I Aquariuz been with have in time bored me. My aquarious man has such a unique mind and way of thinking wonan I never get bored hearing what he has to say, and we always have something new and unconventional to do. You cant expect the words I love you to come from his mah or a passionate hug and kiss womam not seeing each other for a while, but every now and then he will compliment me and it means so much more. The sex is great but Aquarihs passion, however aquarians are known to be unconventional, and that definately comes through in the bedroom.

It's only been 9 months so I cant speak for what this match is like in the long run, but so far, I think it can work. I am a female Leo who dated an Aquarius man for a year. It was passionate, riveting, and life-changing, but it was also abusive and he was extremely controlling. Ironically, my ex-best friend was also an Aquarius and they are the only two people I've ever gotten into a physical fight with. Like the lioness, the Leo mother will be extremely protective of her young and constantly ensure their safety and happiness.

She is an emotional person who cares deeply about the people in her life, especially her children; and so she wants to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and receive the absolute best care - even if that means spoiling them with extravagant gifts. To balance out the doting mother, the Aquarius father will be the fun, aloof parent who encourages creativity and experimentation in his children. Aquarius men are all about thinking outside the box and will encourage their children to do the same. When the children have a problem that requires emotional conversation, though, it will be the Leo mother's job to assess and react to the situation.

Even with their children, Aquarius men tend to shy away from emotions. However, if the children need help with homework or want to discuss current events, they will turn to their Aquarius father rather than their Leo mother. Family vacations will likely be similar to the dates that the Leo and Aquarius couple favored. Taking the kids with them on a hike or white water rafting is exactly the kind of thing this couple would do. Even so, the Leo mother will fret more when the kids are involved than she did with just her and her Aquarius lover.

She will eventually agree to the adventures, usually after the children make her feel valued by begging her for permission, and she will enjoy herself even more with her entire family than she did when it was just the couple. Friendships between Leo women and Aquarius men are the easiest to maintain because they have the ability to distance themselves from each other when needed, but can always call upon the other when adventure awaits. Once the couple transitions from friendship to relationship, things become trickier. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs and opposites do attract in passionate romance, but at times the personalities of these two signs may clash.

It is important for the couple to maintain boundaries and encourage open communication to prevent any problems that they can't bounce back from. If the Leo and Aquarius couple transitions to marriage, the middle ground is even more essential in order for it to work. A marriage between these two signs is absolutely possible if both halves of the relationship are willing to put in the work.

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