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Compare Escort 9500ix vs Beltronics PRO-500

So the M3 accustomed exclusive to the Beltronics salt until the mid part of when Certain released it as the ci This database, amiss with the GX65's GPS patience, provides the ability to report news of creating traffic and ticketing bridges.

We have a video here on how to do this.

Beltromics there is one downside, which we will go into more detail later, and that is the inability for either esscort these detectors to block out the K-band anti-collision sensors that Belrtonics installed in new cars. Because of this both escrt Redline and the Magnum are excellent choices for use on the open highway, however in the city you will get an over abundance of K-band false alerts. Next lets discuss some of the differences between these two detectors, starting with the case. The STi Magnum case is made of a magnesium alloy while the Redline is made of a rubberized plastic.

Because of this the STi is a bit more durable however it does not dissipate heat as well as the rubberized case of the Redline and as heat is the 1 killer of all electronic components the Redline may be a better investment for the long haul Then the case design, the Redline has a bottom lip that sticks out from under the display that has the three buttons, while the STi Magnum face is flush with the buttons right under the display.

Escort Beltronics and

Because of this the STi Magnum display is Beltroncs little easier to read if you mount it high on your windshield. Now lets look under the an with these to comparison photos. Both detectors share the same dual front facing antenna called the M3, enabling both detectors to be stealth to a device police use to detect radar detectors called the Spectre. However there is one slight difference between these two and that is the low noise amplifier on the K and Ka side of the feed horns.

The royalty found in the new Entry over the old Getting Beltrlnics basically superstitious out that act capped straw While brand still had a simple following, more so in Basel than here in Financial America, so why trading it?.

Because of this the Redline has a slight edge in the Beltronice performance. Now here are a few of the differences between the firmware Belgronics of these Be,tronics detectors. I'm not sure about Bel being the most popular brand in terms of sales in the 90's, but they certainly were an engineering power house in the field of radar detection. From Beltronicss I remember back in that time frame, the speculation was that Bel would buy out Escort That may not have been a question of who made better detectors at the time, but rather that the investor that took over Escort had the financial resources to gobble up Bel as well. That guy's name is Greg Blair and I have nothing but respect for the man.

Here was an investor that wanted to put Escort back on the map as a producer of the world's finest radar detectors. To do that, he needed cutting edge technology and an engineering team serious about building leading edge detectors The Passport was the 1st serious detector produced by Escort and the motor under the hood was a Bel design, the legendary S7 antenna. The only issue was whether or not to dissolve the Bel They decided against it for the very reason you pointed out, Bel loyalist.

That brand still had a significant following, more so in Europe than here in North America, so why kill it? At the time and even up toEscort was still producing unique technology and arguably the BEST detectors under the Beltronics brand name. For instance the vaunted M3 antenna platform was introduced in the Bel STi Driver in and the Godfather of all detectors even to this day the STi-R remote which rolled out in So the M3 remained exclusive to the Beltronics brand until the mid part of when Escort released it as the ci Granted, the Escort brand has always been treated as the flagship brand.

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