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Conductor dating 2015 Dudamel

He is studying German so he can understand the texts before he tackles them. His friend Rattle suggested a couple of years ocnductor that Dudamel should take time condictor to get more experience away from music, but that looks unlikely. Newbanks says the Dude works between 40 and 45 weeks a year, is selective about where he conducts, and does not consider himself overworked. Rattle implied that tackling musical Everests was best left to mature conductors, but Dudamel reckons you can attempt them at any age, as long as each time you do it you look for a new route up.

His eyes were as if he was a child.

We are always searching. This is a profession and a life in which you always feel young. A friend tells me later Duda,el was badly affected by datign separation from his wife. Dudamel talks about his son, on whom he dotes, and the way that becoming a father had made him see the world anew. He tells me that recently he went to a concert in a little town called Upata, in the northwest of Venezuela. I was coming from a tour with the Vienna Philharmonic where we had done the same symphony. You know, for me the best interpretation that I heard was the one in Upata, because it was so honest, because there was no routine.

We have to remember that.

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