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Arrival/Departure Forms: I-94 and I-94W

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They reflect information provided by government officials in an informal setting. They are best used as general information concerning current agency processes and policies, and it is important to recognize that agency processes and policies are subject to change. NAFSA notes and liaison summaries do not constitute legal advice. CBP informed NAFSA that once the rule is effective, it is their plan is to implement automation rapidly over a four-week period across all air ports of entry. The start date of the implementation will be specified in the Federal Register notice.

Once the automated I is implemented, an electronic I record will be created when a traveler arrives in the United States. The principal difference is that no piece of paper will be issued at the air or sea port of entry as happens now. That website will go live 30 days after the rule is published in the Federal Register. The traveler will be able to go to the website, enter biographic and entry information [from the passport and passport entry stamp], receive his or her electronic I number, print it out, and use the print-out to present to other benefit-granting agencies, such as USCIS, Social Security Administration Offices, Departments of Motor Vehicles, etc.

Since CBP recognizes that many stakeholders might be affected if stakeholders, travelers, or other agencies misunderstand or lacked information about the automated I, CBP has developed working groups, including a communications working group, to get the word out. The agency has engaged in extensive communication with other agencies, including-for example-the Social Security Administration and departments of motor vehicles.

CBP is preparing all of the necessary informational materials and will be able to share them with the stakeholder community once OMB approves the rule and it has been published in the Federal Register. How would that be reflected in the electronic version? Onlkne will change. Currently this data is entered manually by a contractor. Once the I is automated, it will be done electronically. How will the automated I process impact processes such daating the I process. Would the onlune from the I website suffice for such internal DHS needs? In most situations the print-out will suffice, but in some situations like the IAbecause it is a secondary inspection procedure, the traveler will be given a special paper form annotated with the electronic I number.

In other words, if an IA is required, the recipient will also receive a paper I so that she or he can complete the IA process. So that procedure will actually remain the same as it is now. In terms of rollout, we've heard that it might start as a pilot at a few ports of entry. Can you speak to whether there will be a pilot program, or it will start at every port of entry at the same time? Also, will there be differences in implementation at air and land ports of entry? The implementation schedule has been condensed. The prior plan was to have a six-week implementation period, with a two-week initial pilot period. Also try the versions of the name that appear on the traveler's: Airline Ticket Boarding Pass This might work because the electronic I system initially receives names from the carrier in an electronic transfer of the flight manifest.

Try entering variations of the names that appear on the onlien documents - If there are multiple last or first names: First and middle name: Try entering both names in the First Given Name field with a space — e. Try entering just the first and middle initials — e. Birth Date TIP: Try inverting the month and day. Birth Date July 9, correctly entered would be July 09; try instead September Passport Number TIP: When both letters and numbers appear in the passport number, try entering a space after the letter s. Passport number LA Customs and Border Protection CBPthat processes entries and exits at ports of entry land, sea, and air as well as deferred inspection sites.

We do, too. It watches information adting as the longevity category and time of admission. The triggering of admission of the boundary and most of a rectangle-term Form I is then taken at the historical inspection site.

Note that OFO is distinct from the United States Border Patrolwhose responsibility is to patrol the rest of I9w border to monitor for unauthorized border-crossing. At a port of entry[ edit ] The most common place of issue of Form I is at ports of entry, including airports, sea ports, and land ports. The form is issued electronically at airports and sea ports but can be issued both electronically and as a paper form at land ports. If the CBP officer is convinced, based on the alien's documentation and all other evidence submitted, that the alien can be admitted into the United States, the officer issues a Form I to the alien. The I can be retrieved at any time using an online retrieval tool.

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