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Infographic: The 10 Most Interesting Dating Studies of 2014

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There are Almost 8, Dating Sites in the World According to Forbes, the United Resexrch alone has 2, dating sites, and about 1, new dating sites are launched every year. According to FindLaw. She shares research from Michigan State University, which looked at more than 4, married couples.

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What was once taboo and unusual is so commonplace that for some, it's strange to meet a date in person before making any online connection. According to a Pew study conducted inits most recent look at online dating, 59 percent of American adults say going online is a good way meet people — a 15 percent increase from a decade ago. Of course, the punishment for these crimes which usually vary by state are more severe than for those who commit an online dating scam involving money. Punishment for online dating scammers typically depends on the state you live in.

On relationships Research dating

What's different relationehips We think this number could also include those who have met their ideal match, which is why the wanted to leave the dating site. A previously released study from the University of Chicago found that online dating makes relationships stronger, but since the study was sponsored by eHarmony the results have been viewed with some suspicion. Online daters are also 28 percent more likely to break up within the first year of dating, and so are less likely to marry. But technology has also created a bigger disconnect between people when it was supposed to bring them together. Sites like JustAskMeOutin which you have to plan a first date or first real-life encounter, are growing in popularity.

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