Updating windows 10 stuck on choose your keyboard

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Windows Stuck at choose your keyboard layout screen or blank screen with a Recycle Bin

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From there, troubleshooting options can Updatig selected, but none of them appear to resolve the issue. For example, if Windows Rollback is selected, the entire process repeats. Windowa Windows Stuck at choose your keyboard layout screen or black screen with a recycle bin In cooperation with Avast, Microsoft has identified an element of the Avast Behavior Shield that conflicts with the April Update, and that may result in this experience. Avast has released an update to prevent this issue from occurring.

You can use one of the following methods to restore Windows. If your system currently boots to the Choose your keyboard layout screen, please try Method 1 first. Otherwise, skip to Method 2, which is a variation of a solution posted on the Avast forums. Method 1: If this is not the case, please do not proceed further and use Method 2 instead.

Select Troubleshoot. Select Command Prompt. In the cmd. There should be 4 widows displayed. In this example, you would type E: Type the following command and then press Enter: If you see any other output, please do not proceed further and instead use Method 2 This should return you to the Choose an option screen.

Your keyboard choose Updating windows on 10 stuck

Select Continue — Exit and continue to Windows Rollback. Your device should restart and Windows Rollback should then successfully restore your system to the previous version of Windows. Once you are successfully restored, Microsoft recommends that you do not attempt to manually install the April Update — please wait until Windows notifies you that the update is ready for your device. Method 2: Perform an in-place upgrade To restore your system, you will need: Download the media creation tool and then run it. Select Create installation media for another PC.

Choose a language, edition, and architecture bit or bit. Follow the steps to create installation media on your USB drive, and then select Finish. On the computer that is experiencing the problem, use the power button to restart until it boots to the blue recovery screens. You do not need to boot to the USB drive you just made.

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At the Choose your keyboard layout screen, choose your keyboard layout e. Reboot computer three times before the system finishes loading the desktop. This should help to launch Windows 10 Recovery Environment automatically. Click Advanced Options and open Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt type the following command: For bit Windows: Change C: Close Command Prompt. Click Continue to close Windows Recovery Environment. Method 3. Check driver-related problems Fix it now! Step 1. You can find more information on how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive here. Step 2. Now under Advanced Options menu select Command Prompt. Copy and paste the following commands in the Command Prompt window and press Enter:

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