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Should You Double Text? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself First

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Here are seven questions you should ask yourself before even thinking about An hour? Calm yourself, girl.

We're all busy humans with different datihg. Yes, you care Onliine the person you are dating, but you do not need to start calling local hospitals after a few hours of radio silence. Maybe he's just playing hard to get. Games are the worst, but patience is a virtue. If three days go by and he's still mute, you can consider reaching out to make sure he's alive. Also, be less boring. If I like a girl, she could blow up my phone and it wouldn't matter. But after awhile, double texting gets annoying.

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My ex was like that. That's kind of why we broke up. She would always blow me up. If the first message is, 'Hey, it's Rory from Bumble,' an hour goes by, and then she says, 'How's it going? I think it largely depends what that second message reads. If it's an update or correction which is unlikelythen it's OK.

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