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An error in Breve is simply a mis-matched value.

The application Dzting the data type date, text string, number, url, etc. If you have a series of numeric values with a few alpha characters, Breve will flag those values with alpha characters in red as "mismatched". Edit records and save With Breve you can easily review records and edit values. Click on any cell in the table map to open a record. Use your keyboard arrow keys to move through the records.

Use the Escape key to enter the 'Edit Record' mode. If you do make any changes to the values, those will be stored locally in your browser. When you download the csv, it will Dqting those changes. Map by data type The first column to the right of your column names gives the number of values in that column and a color that corresponds to a data type. Mouse over the color to see the data type label. If you have a binary data type, Breve will distinctly identify the two values by color. Also, the blue of the "date" data type varies from light to dark according to the specificity of the date.

Breve Dating

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