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This surface is literally two jaws. Bronze Hearing Cast Steel Frame and Bumper, Bronze Side and Eccentric Bearings Bulldog Jaw Crusher The main fields andy knight arrow fm dating application of jaw crushers are construction materials, mineralogy and metallurgy, ceramics arrw glass, materials research and environmental analysis. Andy knight arrow fm dating - Engage in activities like long walks, long phone calls, and late night conversations. Its a shame that radio luxembourg now is just a prerecorded loop only available via internet with a classicrock format. Forget about DRM shortwave for the moment,there are hardly any radios about,only have this when the radios are on sale and the technology is widely used,and AM technology is old hat and not worth considering with the fading and interference factor.

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Gerry McCann Basseterre, St. Great site. I used to listen under the bed sheets to Luxy when I was at boarding school in the early seventies. Hello, I have been in US since am American citizen. Have the number one program "Don's On! See reaction nr. Is Radio Luxembourg working - all I seem to be getting on internet radio is hiss and a faint sound of music here in the uk? Spent many a night listening to Radio Luxembourg in the late '60's,early '70's while serving with the British Army of the Rhine. Dear sir,thanks your new Radio Luxembourg. Thanking you. I was stationed in France in the U.

Army fromand listened regularly to Radio Luxembourg. For some reason the song, Telstar, is the one I most identify with Radio Luxembourg. Maybe because it was so unique. I also used to go to London as often as I could and had a girlfriend who lived in Stepney.

f, Those were the days. I also have most of the early Beatles records on Parlaphone, as well as a few on Odeon their French label? Thanks for this wonderful website. Charles Mann Langhorne, PA. Great sitelots of memories. Formerly of Sheffielo Dqting. I would retire to bed at night 10 years old and listen to a little transistor radio tucked under my Pillow. Great memory,s. Randall L. Very nice memories I began to listen to radio luxembourg in eighties and it was fantastic sound. My favourite dj was Mike Hollies but datinf sometimes really poor signal in dxting town Komarno.

I really enjoyed your website. It brought many memories of Anry mid sixties when I datijg in Germany and mnight long knigbt winter nights. John p. Hi guys, super page, lots of memory;s but I do miss a girl, called "heidi from radio Luxenbourg"???? She was also a manager from electrola in koln in Germany. Hello, Dick. My name is Alex and I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm 14 years old and I must say that your Luxy tribute site is truly great. I first heard of Luxy in when dad told me everything he knew about Radio Luxembourg so i found some online archives to listen to the old tapes.

I miss the "real" Luxy a lot, even though she has "returned" to the web. If you're keeping email contacts with the old Luxy crew, can you please send me Benny Brown's and Tony Prince's email adresses? I'd like to have a chat with them and learn something from their radio career. It would really mean a lot to me. I remember all these nights on sundays and will be never forgetting my records at RL. Also great web site and greetings to all. For Dave Christian: Hi Dave. Gigs at the Pavilion, the youth club at the Tec, waiting for me after school - and loads and loads of records at your house. My Mum was worried that I might marry you!!!

Great times! It's so sad that I didn't live in the years of these well-known station. These times has ended And I think how good and cool was it. Thank you for this page! Babka Czech rep. I have ben here before, about 4 years go. I say, this again, this is just the BEST.

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