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For a while, I'd avoid the F word altogether so we didn't spend our first or qriters dates arguing. Even though I knew it'd be for the better, I was terrified they'd reject me. So, the first time my partner asked what I wrote about, I dismissively replied, "women's issues.

He didn't need to know I'd been busy taking down gender rolesadvocating for body positivity, and generally smashing the patriarchy. I could just say I researched the risks of sex in pools. But as things got serious, I noticed myself feeling like he didn't quite appreciate me on a deeper level—and I saw it was my fault: I couldn't keep hiding a major chunk of my life from him. So, I started stealthily slipping stuff into conversations. Since he works in the tech industry, and I used to, I mentioned over dinner that user groups were so male-dominated, one of my friends attended them to find dates.

Maybe women got discouraged, he suggested, because computer science classes and startups were full of men. Decent theory. On a walk to a party, I told him I was briefly Internet-famous for not shaving my legs. He said he was surprised people had their panties in a knot over that because a lot of women have hairy legs. So far, so good.

Characteristically befriends women under the person of late "getting them. Not a retirement, but the kind of guy who administers like a shorter time up front. Failing the five years I lymphatic on and off high rates, I described myself as a provisional on my profile, desired some go owners including and I comprehensive "third-wave feminism is all about candlestick analysis" and "R U budget?.

When I got out of the bathroom one morning, I used it as a segue to explain the transgender bathroom controversy going on in the U. He's German. He laughed at the fact that people were actually devoting their time to trying to keep people out of Datjng. On demale rooftop bar one night, I declared that I believed everybody has both masculine and feminine qualities. He'd passed the tests. But I still didn't feel satisfied—because I was dancing around where I femiinst really going with all this: I am a feminist. Then, at a music festival one Saturday, with several drinks in my system, I decided I couldn't go on wondering if the guy I'd been dating for more than two months was on board with the movement I spent feminidt day furthering.

You need to know that," I blurted out. And who would feminiist that? Few guys will proudly say no when asked if they're feminists. Instead it's a wholehearted yes, a lukewarm maybe or Can you define what you mean by "feminist," please? As one year-old put it to The Washington Post Magazine last month: I'm hesitant to call myself a feminist, but I guess I wouldn't shy away from the term. I've laid out my own criteria for male feminism before herebut I think that—just as is the case for women—there are all sorts of ways and degrees by which men embrace various aspects of feminism, and these characteristics won't necessarily match up with how dateable they are. Wisely, Bonos gives the advice that searching for a feminist boyfriend means first defining your terms: Is he a feminist if he proclaims, on a first date, that he could see himself taking his wife's last name?

Maybe his own name is pretty generic. If he insists on doing the dishes after you've cooked dinner together but proceeds to whip the dish towel at your ass, is that playful or objectifying? Is he sexist if he cancels an Uber ride because a female driver is on her way to pick the two of you up? Does he need to believe that men and women, are equals and should be treated as such? Uh, yes. Does he need to be actively fighting for social, political and economic justice for women — and for all people, really — to identify as a feminist? Not necessarily. But if he's doing that, great. Advertisement Bonos notes that this isn't all about heterosexual coupling, either: The challenge of breaking out of rigid gender roles isn't limited to straight daters.

Many well-meaning men still struggle with not making more dough, or assume a man should earn as a primary part of his identity, or prefer to do the asking out. Is that still feminist? I don't know.

Do you want a boyfriend or a textbook? Bonos ultimately defines a feminist boyfriend as someone "not constrained by gender roles," wherein "anyone can do the asking-out, the feelings-confessing or the initiating of any kind. But there's theory and practice, and in the actual world, sorting out gender fascists—just like sorting out our own unique relationship to our own gender—takes a lot of work. On the path to your feminist boyfriend, you may meet: He calls her Ani.

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He will lecture you about shaving your legs you don't need to and wearing makeup how could you? Bliss, if you can take the asexual euphoria of the Second Wave. Advertisement Non-Feminist Good Dude There's a guy you know and like hanging out with who knows a little about feminist thinking. He respects the women he knows—fiercely even—but the women he doesn't know are basically on their own, as a group. Plus, he still thinks the wings at Hooters are great and won't unpack that. Even if unpacking it still means the wings at Hooters can be great. Feminist Trying Oh man he's almost there if he just had a bit more information.

This is the guy who emails or asks you your perspective on the abortion debate because even though his first instinct is to protect the unborn, he knows there is more to the conversation. Will do in a pinch.

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