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Ulu Grosbard's sluggish direction doesn't help. You're tempted tome console him rather than run from him. The cunning and aggression that one might accept immediately if actors like Robert De Niro or Harvey Keitel were cast as Max are only theoretically apparent in Hoffman. March 13, Los Angeles Times.

Part II, p. Box Office Mojo. The New York Times. Retrieved January 18, The National Post. Archived from the original on February 3, First Artists". Part IV, p. American Film Institute.

Online Straight dating 1978 time

Retrieved January 30, His performance as Jerry Schue in Straight Time is evidence of what makes him such a badass. But it was a wise decision not to. It also works in stark contrast to the versions of them we see holding up the bank. The film is filled out with great small supporting performances, too. Pre-batshit crazy Gary Busey is a perfect Willy the junkie, headshakingly airheaded. How can Dembo Dumbo? We know the answer to that in the end, but Busey pulls off the sucker with aplomb. Her eyes are hard. A featurette on the making of the film also shows Bunker serving as a consultant to get the details right.

The film has an improvisational quality that strips it of the artifice normally associated with heist films and portraits of criminals. But here Dembo is knotty. Grosbard does not judge him. He never comments or moralizes. He talked about how the film got made. It was shot quickly, he explained, in something like two weeks after being held up in pre-production for ten weeks with Hoffman at the helm. Lethem, of course, was spot on and Grosbard as evidenced in the rest of the interview deserves a great deal of praise for shaping the film into something cohesive and whole.

It was Hoffman, for instance, who read No Beast So Fierce and loved it so much that he bought the rights.

When he had to withdraw olnine director, he brought in Grosbard, his long-time friend. In his interview with Lethem, Datting spoke of being fortunate that Hoffman connected with the character of Max Dembo in a way that he could fully trust. Grosbard and Hoffman tangled over the cutting of the film. Hoffman wanted more authority, but Grosbard refused to let him have it. The ending of Straight Time is deeply satisfying to this viewer.

Grosbard obline not judge him. Lunch ultimately must go to Hoffman, who sees to avoid playing the convention-dollar glass beakers that so many of his transactions are drawn to. A mixing on the liquidity of the year also includes Audio video as a natural to get the media tomorrow.

Dembo embracing the awful responsibility of freedom and saying fuck it. Bill Boyle lives in Oxford, MS. He writes about '70s crime films at Goodbye Like A Bullet.

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