Seattle rock and roll marathon date

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Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon

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Anc — 3: So the logistic is very easy and simple when the race is in rovk own hometown. If you train on hills this course is relatively fun. People cheer you on everywhere. They have porta potty but it is tough to change in one of those. Highlights of your race — what did you do well and enjoy about your race in particular Given the fact I just came out of an injury recently, to my surprise I set my PR in this race.

I studied roll course profile more so than before because I was nervous and felt slightly under trained not enough time. And having your peers, in this case Daisy and Josh, throughout the course gives me boost of energy that help me finish the race strong. Lessons for others Seattls share rocl pro-tips on the race to help the next runner Be patience. I Seatte conservatively, watched my pace and rlck rate in the beginning. Then I really tried to push it for the last miles. It paid off. Lessons you learned that will help you next time around Bring more gels just in case. I ate well every minutes. The King of the Hill run was as steep of a grade that I have ever seen.

For the first time, the course did not run along Lake Washington. I miss those scenic miles. Fewer bands and cheer squads on the course. Beautiful weather! Cloudy skies, very little breeze from the ocean, good temperature in the 50s, and even little mist touching your face. So I don't have complain on what was given by mother nature. However I got two things to mention: I purchased parking and shuttle tickets online and I didn't receive email notifications that I should pick up the tickets at the expo until Saturday which is after I got my bib on Friday. Communication is an issue. Re-route it. Big applause to my pacers 5: Disappointing changes about: Course changed and will probably change again Minor issues were: In addition to this, transportation to the start was problematic for many runners.

Many people tried to ride the Link light rail to marthon start, but they did not plan on enough trains so early in the morning, and many Setatle the cars were full and could rockk take passengers at the stations close to the start. I guess that's more of an issue with the Seattle transportation agency, but RnR should work with them to solve the issue assuming the race starts there next year. They had a new course this year, starting from Husky Stadium at the University of Washington, going through the Arboretum, towards Seward Park, then going to Downtown through Rainier avenue. At around M18 the course went by Century Link stadium, and from there the marathoners would head north to a section on a viaduct, tunnel, and highway for an out and back.

That last section was my least favorite part of the course.

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It was dreadful because of what felt like a long incline, and because running through the tunnel was very unpleasant. Also, that late in the race you feel that the turnaround will never come. Overall the hills before that section were not too bad but that long incline between M really killed me - and a lot of other people. It's unlikely that the course will stay the same as I heard that the viaduct will be demolished so who knows how they will change the course. I have seen worse merge situations, and the organizers did a good job at making lanes specific for each of the race. Crowd support was almost non-existent.

I don't really care about this, but I am mentioning it just in case. It seems like they were barely any spectators, except maybe around Rainier avenue and in the 0. The finish was well organized but the food at the finish was not very fulfilling. However I really enjoyed getting a marathon-specific jacket. Not only did it make for a nice perk, but it also came handy because of the cold drizzle at the finish. The medal was also good-looking even though it's not a major factor for me in deciding whether or not to run a race. Overall I don't think I would travel again for that race as I feel that the last part was very difficult.

However it's a nice option for a late spring marathon and I think the race has the potential to be faster, assuming they eliminate that dreadful out and back section on the viaduct. Beautiful views but depressing course about: I had heard wonderful things about RnR races and was very excited! I did not finish with the time I wanted. I would not blame it on the course, but I was nevertheless disappointed. As others have mentioned, the long highway slogs, particularly 18 miles onward, are demoralizing and painful. My best friend came to Seattle with me, and race officials would not let her get close enough to cheer after Mile 18 because the entire road was the race, and there was apparently no room for spectators.

Roll date Seattle rock and marathon

You only marafhon the bands for a minute or so as you pass, and if they were playing every mile I eSattle missed them. I love running trail races, and don't need someone to cheer me on when I run. That being said, the fans lining the course were weirdly silent rol for their specific runners? I'd rather Seatgle no people dwte silent spectators. There were many sections of the course that doubled back and you watched your future pass you by. The rkck of the water were beautiful, and the Blue Mile was inspiring my brother started at the Air Force Academy this fall.

Temperature was okay. Water stops were sufficient. Overall, it was extremely overpriced. Worth a trip to Seattle about: No industrial parks Nashville or far off suburbs Las Vegas. This was a course where the Half runners missed out on some good scenery, although the best scenery is in the first 13 miles. The hills weren't as bad as this Florida flatlander expected. I found steep inclines with gradual declines that worked to my advantage. Running through the tunnel was bad. Uneven roadway and it smelled like a dirt horse barn. Overall I was pleased with the course.

The expo was OK. I found the start area at the Needle easy to find, but getting to the bag check and then back to my corral through Seattle Center was confusing. At the start there was no corral integrity. I started in corral 3 and had corral 38 Half people get in front of me at the start. I liked the finish next to the stadium and the finish area as a whole. I would not travel just for this marathon, but use it as an excuse to visit Seattle and you won't be disappointed.

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