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Because the leading priest is higher. We've been fined.

Tulio instructs Tannabok to build them a boat so that they can leave the city with all the gifts they have been given. During doradoo three days this will take, Miguel explores the city, and Chel gets romantically close to Tulio. Miguel comes to appreciate the peaceful life the citizens seem datig enjoy and speaks to Tannabok about delaying the construction of the boat; Tannabok reveals that he knows that neither Miguel or Tulio are gods, but would like Miguel to remain and live like one all the same. When Tzekel-Kan sees Miguel playing a ball game with children, he insists the gods demonstrate their powers against the city's best players in the hzcia game.

Tulio and Miguel are outmatched, but Chel is able to substitute El camino hacia el dorado latino dating ball with an cmino, allowing them to win. Miguel spares the ritual of sacrificing the losing team and chastises Tzekel-Kan, dsting to the crowd's approval. Tzekel-Kan notices Miguel received a small cut and realizes the two are not gods, because gods do not bleed. Tzekel-Kan conjures a doraco stone jaguar to chase them through the city. Tulio and Miguel outwit the jaguar, causing it and Tzekel-Kan to fall into a giant whirlpool, thought by the natives to be the entrance to Xibalbathe spirit world. With the boat completed, Miguel says he will stay in the city. The plan succeeds with the citizens pulling over a statue in the boat's wake to give it enough speed.

As the statue starts to fall too quickly, Tulio has difficulty in preparing the boat's sail. Giving up on staying in the city, Miguel and Altivo jump onto the boat to unfurl the sails, assuring the boat clears the statue in time. The group successfully crashes against the pillars, causing a cave-in but losing all their gifts in the process. Tulio and Miguel, though disappointed they lost the gold unaware that Altivo still wears the golden horseshoes with which he was outfitted in El Doradohead in a different direction for a new adventure with Chel.

Voice cast[ edit ] Kevin Kline as Tulio, one of the con artists who pretend to be gods so they can get gold. He is the strategic planner, often becoming anxious and overthinking things. Kenneth Branagh as Miguel, one of the con artists who pretend to be gods so they can get gold. He is more relaxed and easygoing than his con-parter Tulio. Rosie Perez as Chel, a beautiful native woman from El Dorado who discovers Tulio and Miguel's con and decides to play along in an effort to get out from El Dorado. Armand Assante as Tzekel-Kan, the fanatically vicious high priest who has a religious fixation for human sacrifices.

Edward James Olmos as Chief Tannabok, the kind chief of El Dorado who believes that Tulio and Miguel are gods, though he at one point implies that he has figured out Miguel is not actually a god, though only after Miguel demonstrates kindness to his people. Tobin Bell as Zaragoza, a sailor on the voyage to the New World of El Dorado and the original owner of the map, which he loses to Tulio and Miguel after a game of dice. Uh, Tulio! This could be our destiny, our fate. Miguel, if I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice.

No, no, no, no, no. I said one more roll! My map against your cash. You're on! This time we use my dice. Ehh, got a problem with that? I'm going to kill you. Come on, baby. Papa needs that crappy map. Stop that! Show me seven! There it is! Well, nice doing business with you. Your dice are loaded! You gave me loaded dice? He was the one who was cheating!

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Arrest latinno He tricked these sailors and took Ell money! Take a look in the mirror, pal! Oh, you better give them doradi money back, or I'll- -En garde! I will give you the honor uacia a layino and painless death. But not with that. I prefer dkrado fight fairly. I will cut you to ribbons, -fool! Let your sword do the talking. It will be loquacious to a fault! Take that! I fought your sister. That's a compliment. Not the face. Ladies and gentlemen, we've decided it's a draw. Thank you all for cammino. See you soon. You're very good. That was ltino.

Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey -Bye. Thank you! What's El camino hacia el dorado latino dating here? We're both in barrels. That's the extent of my knowledge. Okay, Miguel, we gotta move fast. One, two, three- - Th-Three! Uh, datig ready? Ah, okay. One more. Let's go. One, two, three! We're outta here. You will be flogged. And when we put into Cuba to resupply, God willing, you will be flogged some more To the latink. All right! Dorrado, Altivo! Haciw, not for you! You're on half rations. Orders from Cortes. So, uh, how's the- How's the escape plan coming? All right. Doraod the plan. And that-that's your plan, is it? In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions, -hijack one datig those longboats- -Uh, great.

Okay, what's your idea, smart guy? Doradk do you mean? Don't camin me that! You're the one with the plans. Uh, come on. Give me- Give me a boost. Hey, Altivo. You want a nice apple? Come and get dahing. All you have to do is find a pry bar. A long piece datig iron with a hooky thing at the end. That's it, Altivo, find the pry bar. There's no way- Well, it's not a pry bar. Oh, Altivo. Oh, thank you, old boy. Listen, if we can ever return the favor- For Pete's sake, Miguel, he's a ruthless warhorse, not a poodle. Come on, before he licks you to death. Shh, shh. Quiet, please.

Just hang on! I'm right here, old boy! Ho-o-ly ship! On the count of three, pull back on the rope. Hey, it worked! Did any of the supplies make it? Ohhh, great! Look on the positive side. At least things can't get- Excuse me. Were you going to say "worse"? You're sure? I've revised the whole thing. You miss nothing. Tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this? Besides dying? I never My regret, besides dying, is Well, if it's any consolation, Miguel, you And if it's any consolation, Tulio, -you made my life It is! All in favor of getting back in the boat, say "aye.

Hey, Miguel! I could use a little help! We've done it! The map? You still have the map? The whistling rock! The stream! You kept the map, but you couldn't grab a little more food? Even those mountains. You said so yourself: It could be possible. And it is! It really is I'm not coming on! I wouldn't set foot in that jungle for a million pesetas! I just thought that, after all, since El Dorado is the city of gold- -What's your point? But you don't want to go, so let's Wait a minute. New plan. We find the city of gold. We take the gold, -and then we go back to Spain.

We'll follow that trail! The trail that we blaze! That trail that we blaze! Oh, no, you don't. Your horse bit me in the butt! Look out new world Here we come -Brave, intrepid -Charge! On the trail we blaze Changing legend into fact We shall ride into history Turning myth into truth We shall surely gaze On the sweet unfolding Of an antique mystery All will be revealed On the trail we blaze Oh! On the trail On the trail we blaze -Dinner is served. Paradise is close at hand Shangri-la The promised land Seventh heaven on demand Quite unusual nowadays Virgin vistas undefiled Minds and bodies running wild In the man behold a child On the trail we blaze On the trail we blaze The trail we blaze Is road uncharted Through terra incognita to a golden shrine No place for the traveler To be fainthearted We are part of a sumptuous grand design Changing legend into fact We shall ride into history Turning myth into truth We shall surely gaze On the sweet unfolding Of an antique mystery All will be revealed -On the trail we blaze Hmm.

Miguel, wake up. Oh, yeah. We found it. Where is it? How far? Behind the rock? This is it. Give me that! This ca-What? Hey, but I tell you what, I'm feeling generous, so you can have my share! You don't think Cortes could've gotten here before us and- And what? Taken all the really big rocks? We've come all this way, -and we-we-we should really, you know- -Get No, no, no, not with the face. Looks like there's a pass right over there. I've- Uh, hello. Is this your rock? We were just looking. We're, uh- We're tourists! May we go now? Oh, my- It's-It's- El Dorado. Well, it was nice working with you, partner.

Eating energetic, but all in all, it is a fixed do-over. Well, that's what does it handed. But all of the unlimited losses say that you will just the acreage and the additional.

Tulio, I just want you to know I'm sorry about that girl in Barcelona. As the prophesies foretold, the time of hadia is now! Citizens, did I not predict that the gods would come to us? My lords, I am Tzekel-Kan, your devoted high priest daing speaker for the gods. I am Chief Tannabok. What names may we call you? I am Miguel. And they call us Miguel and Tulio! Your arrival has been greatly anticipated. My lords, how long will you be staying in El Dorado? I see you've captured this temple-robbing thief. My lord, I am not a thief. See, the gods sent me a vision My only wish is to serve the gods. You do not question That's right! Do not question us, or we shall have to unleash our awesome and terrible power!

And you don't want that! We do! Of course we do! Visit your wrath upon this nonbeliever! Show us the truth of your divinity! One moment. Miguel, you know that little voice people have I got carried away! Are you nuts? We'd be butchered alive! Yes, but they're getting suspicious. I'm trying! I can't think with all these distractions! Think, think, think. I'm on the verge of- Stop! O mighty lords!

Let camijo show you to your temple. Step aside. To commemorate your arrival, I propose a reverent ceremony at dawn. Ah, then perhaps I could cxmino a glorious feast for you tonight. Which would you prefer? Both is good. And so dawns the Age of the Jaguar. Happy New Year. They actually think we're gods. We just have to keep this up long enough Tulio, we'll be living like kings! Beware the wrath of the gods! Save it for the high priest, cmino. You're gonna need it. We've been caught. Oh, no. Don't worry about me, boys.

I-What-We- Okay. So, uh, who are you? There's no scam! Why would llatino think there's latimo -Why? I latkno she just said she wanted in? She camini in so she can get out. Got it. Of adventure? You've latlno your reasons, and I've got mine. Let's not make it personal, okay? So when datinh guys are ready to go back to Don't think so. After all, Doradp sure you know Good luck. Ho- Would you-Hold it. Let's just see how this works out. Well, then I suppose that means you'll dorafo these back? Now, put these on. Your public's waiting. Uh, excuse me. Maybe they should call this place "Chel Dorado.

Wait a minute! The little voice- Remember the little voice? Ju-Ju-Just for a second imagine that you have one. What would it be saying about Chel? Go back to Spain. And we are pretending to be gods. Now, put Chel in the mix. What is the voice saying? Chel is off-limits! Shake on it. Besides, we're supposed to be gods. We must avoid giving in to temptation. This is gonna be tougher than I thought. All you have to do is smile, act godly and follow my lead. Big smile. Like you mean it. A-one, two, three. I hardly think I'm qualified To come across all sanctified I just don't cut it with the cherubim -Tulio, what are you talking about?

There again they're on their knees Being worshipped is a breeze Which rather suits us in -The interim -Interim, interim It's me and him Oh, my God! It's tough to be a god Tread where mortals have not trod Be deified when really you're a sham Be an object of devotion Be the subject of psalms It's a rather touching notion All those prayers and those salaams And who am I to bridle If I'm forced to be an idol If they say that I'm a god That's what I am What's more if we don't comply With the locals' wishes I can see us being sacrificed -Or stuffed -You have a point there.

Very good thinking. Local feelings should not -Be rebuffed -Never rebuffed I never rebuff a local feeling No, my friend It's tough to be a god But if you get the people's nod Count your blessings Yeah, keep 'em sweet -That's our advice -It's great advice! Be a symbol of perfection Be a legend Be a cult Take their praise Take a collection As the multitudes exalt Don a supernatural habit -We'd be crazy not to grab it -You got it! So sign on two new gods For paradise Par-a-dise Good morning, my lords! And now it's my turn! Thank you. This city has been granted a great blessing. And what have we done to show our gratitude?

A meager celebration.

The beginning of a new era, the dawning of a new age No, no. W-We want tribute. Uh, it's just that, uh- Tulio, tell him. The stars are not in position for this tribute! Like he says, the stars- Can't do it. Not today. Perhaps it is possible I misread To err is human, to forgive- -Hmm. My lords, may the people of El Dorado offer you our tribute. My lords, does this please you? It'll do. The gods have chosen! To Xibalba? To Xibalba! Hey, Chel, um, what are they doing? They're sending it to Xibalba, the spirit world. Um, excuse me, Chief. The gods have changed their minds about Xibalba. They wish to bask in the reverence that has been shown them.

Take the tribute to the gods' temple! Nice going. Smile while you can. Well, well, well, what have we here?

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