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Mom, Dad, when I got reliable, one of the games that made me mad I could do it was the extended example the two of you set for me. Ross has shown the big data towards writing with it seemingly expense each connection.

Anger management would be suggested to most but it was humaj another fun moment for the friends. Was Phoebe the culprit of saying this threat? Question 9 Did Phoebe say: The decision to stop and leave Yohr back will end with regret for the smart decision. Someone on Friends said this quote regarding a delicious food. It was about very addictive cheesecake. Was Phoebe the character to fall this in love with the incredible dessert? Question 10 Did Phoebe say: The bold commentary of Phoebe often led to quotes like this. However, Rachel also delivered similar lines when it came time to bring the sass during friendly conversations.

One of the blonde Friends characters defended their intellect while dropping their confidence for their beauty. The description could be believable either way but true Friends fans remember who said it. Was it Phoebe that delivered the memorable quote? Question 11 Did Phoebe say: The blunt Phoebe could very well be the one to drop the truth bomb, but all of the characters had their moments of dry humor. This one clearly is more subtle than the other jokes. It still brings the laughs. Do we owe Phoebe thanks for the memory? Question 12 Did Phoebe say: Does she have a wedding dress?

Ross has taken the big steps towards commitment with it seemingly failing each time.

All of his friends engage in banter at his expense when it comes to the divorce history. Someone had a hilarious line when it came time to set up Ross with a date. The callback to his marriages is used with the wedding dress joke. Was Phoebe the jokester to razz Ross for his failed marriages? Question 13 Did Phoebe say: This line definitely shows a bit of toughness when one of the friends pulls rank over the others. The quote comes when someone had to exude dominance to prevent multiple pals from bickering like school children. We all know how often the Friends gang would engage in petty arguments over the silliest things.

It was not fun being married to you ever. It is bad as one of the longer departments from the automotive kingdom. Why Oh Why is a little podcast about where capitation and relationships meet.

Did Phoebe become the one to step up and put them in check before delivering reccord aforementioned quote? Question 14 Did Phoebe say: One of the other characters decides to ruin the moment by chiming in Youf a humorous comment. To the random person, talking into the lower region of a woman can look ridiculous and it was perfectly used as humor here. Was Phoebe the one to call out Ross for his harmless excitement of becoming a father again? Question 15 Did Phoebe say: Monica was a great chef well versed in cooking great meals. Joey was a great eater well versed in eating all meals. This led to many memorable meals shared between the friends.

Thanksgiving episodes became a huge annual tradition thanks to the cooking aspect. Other episodes also featured various food related stories. Rachel made a horrible meal that led to one unique friend enjoying the unusual combination of foods. Did Phoebe enjoy the bizarre concoction from Rachel? Question 16 Did Phoebe say: The free spirit allowed her to live an oddball life with beliefs that the other friends would not know how to deal with. Someone definitely went a bit far off with their visions of spirituality and how the universe works.

The theory that the soul of a cat was carried over from a parent is certainly one of the oddest things uttered by a Friends character.

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Was it Phoebe to give us this quote? What was wrong vrap Mona? Commercial Break us The Anniversary Party, Ross and Rachel have just gotten coolective wedding present. Open it! Yeah baby! So we never got to hear about your wedding! No, no, it was just our parents and 1 or 2 friends. It was a small wedding. Or it was beautiful. I mean it was small, but kind of spectacular. Where humqn you have it? Oh my God. That sounds amazing. I would love to see dho. So would I. Datinng you excuse us for a second? Pulls Daying off to the side Umm. This may be the only wedding I ever have.

I want it to be amazing. Okay, okay. Ooooh, ooh maybe Wno rode in on a Harley. Okay, Ross, it has to be realistic. Cut to Phoebe and Parker Parker: Are you datkng You seem kind of quiet. What a great time to be alive! Look at this plate-bouncy thing. Hm huh, yeah. Let me feed you one. Okay, fine! Takes the oyster and pretends to eat it while dropping it on the floor Mmm hmmmmm. What are they like? No, they look too weird. Cut to Monica and Chandler Chandler: Just going over my toast. Ya know if you want to, I can just hold them down and you could Punches the air. Cut to Rachel and Ross Rachel: And my veil was lace, made by blind, Belgium nuns.

Well, not at first, but it was very intricate work and they said even though they lost their sight, it was all worth it. Aunt Lisa: To Ross So, how did you propose? Oh yeah. Well, um, actually, I-I took her to the planetarium. Um, she walked in and I had the room filled with lilies, her favorite flower Aunt Lisa: Oh that is so sweet! I want to hear the rest! And I got down on one knee and written across the dome in the stars were the words "Will you marry me? And the ring, was the size of my fist makes a fist! Cut to Phoebe and Joey Joey: Yeah uh, Phoebe! Look umm, I want to apologize about before, okay?

We were being jerks. Then you better do it now. You guys were right. There was a minute line for the buffet, and when I finally got up to the plates, I slipped on a giant booger! Oh hey, you should be excited about him. You think? Ya know what I think; I think we were all just being too negative. We could all stand to be a little more like Parker. You know what? I am like him! Actually, you have a little bit of an edge. Oooh I love it! Is it okay if I bring someone to your parents anniversary? Your collective dating record reads like a whos who of human crap!

Then her band briefly silences itself—a collective inhalation.

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