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Comedy, Bare Minimum Wage: Do You Deserve It? Russell Brand The Trews

Nyrnes the wealthy were says: Prime and negotiate contracts Surprisingly the 80's in this amazing and abroad in Singapore as well, makers have been respected and undermined, if you can get a nice, platform a union. Who wouldn't suggest to be an option?.

Walmart provides associates with more opportunity for career growth than other companies in America. You'll get benefits, you're an associate. Who wouldn't want to be an associate? If only there was like loads of money sloshing around in the Walmart family somewhere This just in from information I knew already, the six children of the bloke who founded Walmart have got between them as much money, get ready for some information, as million poorest Americans. State of the Union's author Phil Dine says they should get it. Tracy Byrnes from our sister network The Fox Business Network says these protests will end up hurting everyone These protests will end up hurting everyone.

And surely once someone's got much too much money, much too much money, there is an argument for some kind of sharing. In the minimum wage was high enough to keep a family of three out of poverty, fair enough In the minimum wage was high enough to keep a family of two out of poverty. Today the minimum wage leaves a working parent with one child in poverty Oh God, everything is getting worse. They're cutting into their bottom line Yeah cause they're obviously strapped for profit. I mean, some of the kids have only got as much money as 50 or 60 million ordinary Americans. Walmart as an overall corporation has to make this decision on their own. Why don't they just come on the telly and go "We like having more money than we need.

We like having too much money Fuck off" That's the argument. Well the reason they don't say that is cause then they know that you support those striking Walmart workers. There's loads of myths about minimum wage and I imagine Tracy Byrnes there at Fox Business is one of the people that's perpetuating them There's a thing called Myth Busters, look how much myths there are. It's like Ancient Greece.

Increasing minimum wage lacks public support, the overwhelming majority of Americans support increase I wonder why Tracy byrnes fucking would be, perhaps because they'll be directly affected. Increasing the minimum wage, here's another myth, will result in job losses for newly hired and unskilled workers. Minimum wage increases have little to no negative effects on employment as was shown in independent studies. Increasing the minimum wage will cause people to lose their job A review of 64 studies on minimum wage increases found no discernible effect on employment.

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