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She is thinking of checking out assisted-living facilities in case she ever needs more than home care.

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There is a family history of dementia, she said. Several mini-strokes caused some cognitive impairment, so her doctor monitors her regularly. With a brother on the West Coast and no nieces or nephews to step in, Ms. Peveler has, through her church and several civic activities, developed a surrogate family of friends and neighbors, many of them several decades younger, who keep tabs on her. For added protection, she signed up for a service, EyeOn Appthat signals three friends if she does not reply within a half-hour to scheduled alerts on her cellphone.

Peveler said she was as confident as she could be. Peveler is among a growing number of older Americans who are unmarried and childless. Byabout 16 percent of women 80 to 84 will be childless, compared with about 12 percent inaccording to a report by AARP. Image Ms. Peveler, 71, said she felt confident about the network she had created. CreditJeremy M. For example, it is possible to live in a singles retirement community in which individuals own their own condos. The costs here include the price of the home, homeowners association fees, and any additional types of services offered. Those who live in nursing homes assisted living communities, or an area of shared living will pay costs associated with renting their apartment or room as well as costs associated with the type of care given.

In addition to the type of care obtained, location matters, too. Locations in larger cities tend to cost more than those in smaller locations. Seniors who are looking for specific facilities or amenities will find that this can impact costs as well. The investment in single retirement communities is often paid for by the individual. It is possible to use a mortgage to purchase a single family home, condo, villa, or other individually owned property. Seniors may also wish to rent such a location. Rental costs will need to be paid out of pocket for any type of senior retirement community including those with a focus on singles.

Seniors may wish to tap into their services, sell an existing home to pay for a new one, or turn to a third party for help financing these types of purchases and living expenses if they cannot afford to pay using their current income.

For those who adultts to live in a senior retirement community with assisted living services or full seniog services, there may be an opportunity to get some financial health for these services. I need help getting dressed. I need assistance with personal grooming. I can no longer cook or need help preparing meals. I can no longer drive or can only drive very short distances. I no longer feel safe in my home. I feel isolated in my home. Seniors who are veterans may qualify for VA loans as well.

Senior Townhomes for Rent Sometimes, renting is best. Senior townhomes to rent can be limitedly available in some situations. It is common to find these types of properties available in senior communities where everyone in the subdivision is over the age of However, rentals may be available in just about any city. They may be a bit smaller, and they may offer more of an apartment feel, but they are available.

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The cost of renting a senior townhome will again depend on location, size, zenior amenities. You should outline your long-term goals with Homfs location to determine what the expected costs will be down the road. You do not want to see your rental sejior rise too quickly. Foor a senior townhome is not a type of expense that sijgle covered by any third party provider. You will need to pay for these costs out of your pocket. Most often, it will be important for seniors to ensure that the cost to rent the townhome fits into their budget before considering this type of move. How to Find Affordable Homes Finding affordable new homes can be a challenge in a widely variable housing market.

The best way to find a suitable home is to investigate local resources, such as newspapers, housing magazines, and experienced realtors. Senior resources such as health care and recreation facilities, magazines, and websites may also be able to give recommendations for new senior living communities, and online searches can quickly turn up new developments targeted toward mature homebuyers. Finding affordable new homes for seniors can lead to an active, involved lifestyle without the concerns of an inappropriate home. IT can also be a wonderful move that enhances the enjoyment and delight in being an independent homeowner at any age. Was this page useful?

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