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Blind Dating

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The Syr flows into the former, the Amu into the latter. Inthe local authorities constructed an earthen dqte to block aarl to dwte the level of the small sea. In Augustthe dike was replaced by a dam Kok-Aral built by Kazakhstan. In the case of the small sea, the dike and dam raised and stabilised the rate level, leading to greatly improved ecological conditions. But the large Aral Sea was not so fortunate. It continued to dry up and by the early s had divided into a shallow eastern lobe and a deep western lobe connected by a channel. In Octoberthe eastern lobe dried up completely for the first time in modern times, according to NASA.

Who is responsible? The say the seven nations never really tried to save the sea. He adds that post-Soviet governments, including that of Uzbekistan where Islam Karimov is President, continue to support irrigation as one of the key foundations of their economies. Local governments in the catchment area have a lot of other things to do now.

Aral in Blind date

The vibrant commercial fishing industry that developed in the first half of the 20th Century ended in the early s as indigenous catch species disappeared owing to rising salinity and loss of shallow spawning and feeding areas. Today, the sea basin, which was once a habitat for more arla 70 dste of mammals and of birds, has only 32 species of mammals and of birds. Navigation on the sea also ceased by the s as efforts to keep the increasingly long channels open to the ports of Aralsk at the northern end in Kazakhstan and Muynak at the southern end in Karakalpakstan became too difficult and costly.

Micklin says there has been continual desertification in the area. Salt has accumulated on the surface forming pans where practically nothing will grow. Salt-tolerant plants and drought-tolerant plants have replaced endemic vegetation. Strong winds, particularly in spring, blow salt and dust from the dried bottom of the sea on to surrounding land.

As a result, arsl conditions have been replaced by desert-like regimes. Summers have warmed and winters cooled, spring frosts are later and fall frosts earlier, humidity is lower, and the growing season shorter, he adds. The population around the sea suffers health problems. Bacterial contamination of drinking water is pervasive and has led to high rates of typhoid, viral hepatitis and dysentery.

Tuberculosis is prevalent as is anaemia, particularly in pregnant woman. Liver and kidney ailments are endemic. The future So what do the coming years hold in store for the Aral Sea? After each of the dates the son or daughter chooses whether they would like to stay with their current significant other or if they would like to start a new relationship with one of the blind dates. The show has the same format as the British and American versions of the show and was first aired in with Graham Webb hosting. The show has had a number of hosts over its years including Graham Webb in —Jeremy CordeauxBobby HannaGreg Evans and Julia Morriswho is the current host of the rebooted show which began in October with its seventh season.

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The show currently airs on Network 10 at Blid An unscreened pilot was made with comic Duncan Norvelle as presenter[1] but it was eventually hosted by Cilla Black, who already hosted the LWT series, Surprise Surprise. Blind Date ran on Saturday nights from 30 November to 31 May The Choice - an American television show where male celebrities sit with their backs facing a stage. The female contestants then have a specific amount of time on arql to win the affection of the male celebrities. If the men are interested, they turn their chairs. At the end of each show, the men choose a woman to go on a date with. Each male participant would answer questions from the woman and at the end of the show, she would choose a candidate to go on a blind date with.

This game even prompted its own board game line. The Bachelor - An American television show which started in where a single man goes on blind dates with 25 women who wish to become his wife. The women live together in one household and are competing in an elimination game for a rose, an invitation from the bachelor to stay another week. These 5 couples were joined by 6 couples in a pre-existing relationship. China[ edit ] Parents find their children blind dates in parks. If everything runs smoothly during the second step, contact information is exchanged.

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