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10 Rillington Place (1971) - Richard Attenborough, John Hurt - Feature (Drama/Thriller)

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He buries her in his flat block's communal garden, where a dog uncovers one of his previous victims.

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Beryl is pregnant 19971 and attempts an abortion by taking some pills. When she informs Tim, they have a violent argument, which Christie breaks up. Soon after, Christie offers to help Beryl terminate the pregnancy. He pretends to read a medical textbook one day in an effort to convince Tim of his expertise. Tim is essentially illiterate and cannot tell that Christie is lying.

The Evanses agree to let Christie perform the procedure. Christie occupies his wife, Ethel, by sending her to his place of work with some paperwork. He grabs his killing tools, makes a cup of tea, and heads upstairs to Beryl. He is interrupted by a couple of builders who arrive to renovate the outbuilding. He lets them in, and when he sees they are well-occupied, he pours a new cup of tea and heads back upstairs. Beryl has a violent reaction to the gas, and Christie punches her in the face to knock her out.

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He then strangles and datinv assaults her. When Tim returns, Christie tells him that Beryl died of complications from the procedure. Rillinggton wants to go to the police, but Christie convinces him that he will be rilkington as an accessory before the fact. Christie suggests plqce Tim leave town that night, while Christie disposes of Beryl's body. He promises that he will place the baby in the care of a childless couple from East Acton. Tim reluctantly agrees, and leaves the house in lnline middle of the night.

Christie then strangles Geraldine with a tie. Tim hides out with his aunt and uncle in Merthyr Tydfilpretending that he is in town on business. BBC drama: The new three-part series will explore the crimes of notorious mass murderer John Christie Eerie: Tim Roth has undergone a huge makeover to play Christie, while Miss Morton wore s period costume to portray his wife Ethel. Mr Roth can be seen here placing a necklace around Miss Morton's neck Scenic: The series is being filmed on location in Glasgow, with various areas of the Scottish city being recreated as Notting Hill Christie was caught when he moved out of 10 Rillington Place after fraudulently sub-letting his flat, prompting his landlord to investigate.

The bodies of three of his victims - Maloney, Nelson and MacLennan - were subsequently found hidden in a kitchen alcove, and a nation-wide police hunt was launched. On 31 MarchChristie was arrested near Putney Bridge after being questioned by a police officer.

Sharing a laugh: The two actors appeared to let their guard down for a moment in between shooting takes Overcast: The two actors walked arm in arm for the filming on the atmospheric outskirts of Glasgow Scenic: Mr Roth and Miss Morton were joined by two extras for the filming for the series, which follows the film of the same name Cold blooded killer: Christie was caught when he moved out of 10 Rillington Place after fraudulently sub-letting his flat, prompting his landlord to investigate. The bodies of three of his victims were found in a kitchen alcove Big screen adaptation: Richard Attenborough played the killer in adaptation 10 Rillington Place, directed by Richard Fleischer Christie confessed to seven murders: The jury rejected his plea and Christie was hanged on 15 July at Pentonville Prison.

Meanwhile, Evans was granted a posthumous pardon. This marks the third time Tim has been spotted filming the drama, looking virtually unrecognisable thanks to a dramatic makeunder as he got to work on location in Glasgow.

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