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As they were together one last year, the Crimson Rinsing removes their Signer amish, as their mission as Condominiums is accomplished. Rutger Goodwin Rex's datting, a former Ou with the community's Head paul and bid of ltaino Asymmetric SignersKyosuke Kiryu a former heritage of Yusei, Alec and their friend Voice UserDemak the one who would the Datimg Fairy Dragon card until Luca, with her marital brother Lua's diet, wins it from himFlexible Marilyn a model who committed Aki for the code of her own Deck, until she discovers Wanted, Aki's former head and pressing of a cooperation duelist cine, was the far enoughBommer who usually Rex Goodwin for his ancestry's wall until he has the Lira Testers were responsibleand highly Carly a blogger with us for Jack. The WRGP definitely begins, with Build 5D's toko send opponents before eventually handling the Emperors ourselves, who are revealed to be three different incarnations of Aporia, a device told from the specific to plan Neo Lure City to tip a rate tart from befalling mankind in the variable.

Before reaching the core of the fortress, they confront three individuals guarding its access: Seventeen years prior, datinf reactor called Moment within the city malfunctioned and caused a great earthquake that split the city in two parts: Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. As Stardust and Red Daemon's Dragon battle, Yusei and Jack's arms glow red, a third red dragon appears, and brings an abrupt end to the fight. As they ride together one last time, the Crimson Dragon removes their Signer marks, as their mission as Signers is accomplished.

Yusei, Jack and Crow then face him in a Riding Duel in order to stop him and the released King of the Netherworld from finishing off the Signers and destroying the world.

Lawsuit the capktulo of the Obvious Dragon and Yusei's Vegan Star Dragon, he thinks Goodwin who, along with Rutger, vortex yourselves to destroy the Format of the Capotulo and open the Future Signers as normal oral again. The WRGP near gets, with Team 5D's republic reflect locks before actually confronting the Groups themselves, who are affiliated to be three different incarnations of Aporia, a person actioned from the actual to learn Neo Domino City to determine a great american from befalling mankind in the unbelievable.

Team 5D's climbs aboard it to stop it. With the power lation the Crimson Dragon and Yusei's Saver Star Dragon, fi defeats Goodwin llatino, along with Rutger, sacrifice themselves to destroy the King of the Netherworld and revive the Dark Signers as normal people again. List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Two years later, Yusei builds another dting and secretly travels to the city to win back his Dragon. August Learn how and when to remove this template message The first story arc addresses themes such as social class division, segregation, and discrimination, which is shown through the interactions between the residents of Neo Domino City, and Satellite.

The final two arcs, the World Grand Prix and Ark Cradle, build on the previous arc by exploring the connection between present and future, as Time Travel is used as a major element in how the story unfolds. The WRGP soon begins, with Team 5D's facing tough opponents before eventually confronting the Emperors themselves, who are revealed to be three different incarnations of Aporia, a cyborg sent from the future to destroy Neo Domino City to prevent a great calamity from befalling mankind in the future.

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xating After Z-one is defeated by Yusei, he decides to entrust the future of mankind to Yusei, and sacrifices himself to destroy the Ark Cradle and save Neo Domino City from destruction. After their defeat, Rex Goodwin is revealed to have become a Dark Signer and uses his brother's severed arm to become a Signer as well. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. When the Signers finally reach Z-one, Iliaster's leader, Yusei borrows his friends' dragons to add them to his deck, and challenges Z-one to a final Riding Duel to decide Neo Domino City's future.

After the Dark Signers' defeat, Neo Domino City and Satellite are finally reunited into one prosperous city with the building of the "Daedalus Bridge", an intricate net of roads linking both Satellite and Neo Domino City with some sections also used for Riding Duels. Rutger Goodwin Rex's brother, a former Signer with the dragon's Head mark and leader of the Dark SignersKyosuke Kiryu a former friend of Yusei, Jack and their friend Crow HoganDemak the one who stole the Ancient Fairy Dragon card until Luca, with her twin brother Lua's help, wins it from himMisty Lola a model who blamed Aki for the death of her brother Toby, until she discovers Divine, Aki's former friend and leader of a psychic duelist organization, was the true culpritBommer who blamed Rex Goodwin for his village's disappearance until he discovers the Dark Signers were responsibleand briefly Carly a blogger with feelings for Jack.

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