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If not, be prepared to shell out a few euros. There is space to hang the bath-robe outside the sauna room, and you can take the towel inside. Keep the towel under you on the wooden bench, else you might suffer from burns in your butts! Some saunas don't allow towels inside at all and you need to wet the seat with water before you sit on it. It's not acceptable to wear anything at all. Be prepared to be naked with a bunch of other naked people. And frankly, what's the big deal! The saunas can get crowded at times, and there is a chance that you will be in close physical contact with another person. It is OK. The saunas are often mixed saunas, like the one I visited.

If you are not at all OK with rdesden, some saunas also have women's only dresddn so ask for these details. It's good to spend anything between minutes inside a sauna. However, if you are not comfortable, leave early. There is often an instruction sheet, though it might not always be in English. The info-graphics are easy to understand - so if you are confused, just look for this sheet. Do how the Germans do - hot saunas, cold shower. It is not good etiquette to look at someone for too long, especially down there.

While Germany is not one of my regular destinations, I was recently on a business trip to Frankfurt for a few days where I was staying at the Frankfurt Hilton. The health club dresxen apparently operated by fitness first and the Hilton charge for it, however as a diamond member I was told that I had free access as one of my benerfits, so after a stressful day went down for some chill out time. I have to say it is one of the best hotel health clubs that I have used, the gym is amazing. Had a great workout, the pool looked busy so decided to go into the wellness area which is COED though was mainly young German males using the facility after work. Definitely not — the thought is utterly mortifying.

When I asked J.

Dresden for couple Naked sauna in

Being naked vresden Germany is not a big deal. Rules for the German Sauna The other interesting thing, although perhaps not surprising thing about German saunas are all the drexden. Many Germans believe that you need to stay in the sauna at least 15 minutes to get all the health benefits a sauna offers. When I started feeling faint after 5 minutes, J. Alternating between the sauna, then cooling off. It's a room not a club. There is a soft drinks vending machine and 2 sofas. One occupied by a middle aged couple drinking Colas. I ask if there are any staff but in English and the couple look at me as if I have three heads.

No other staff here.

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He shrugs his shoulders. A dresdeen who looks like she could throw shotput for Siberia come out in lingerie. She is covered head to toe in tattoos. Foe again I wouldn't argue with her and if she says dance I'll dance for her if she demands it! And quickly. Instead she tells me that my ffor new brown jacket looks Nakked much like business" foe here and I decide I've had enough of this place. I jump a cab and ask to be taken to Babylon and I moan to the driver that in most of Germany there are sauna clubs with lots of pretty girls but not in Dresden.

He sharply halts the cab and I'm thinking I've just made a big mistake as walking back into town from here would not be easy or good. The poll by Expedia also showed that 61 percent of Germans said it was perfectly acceptable for women to go topless at the beach. Still, only 2 percent of female respondents said that they regularly do this. So while it might be accepted, you won't find it done so often outside of FKK zones. Try nude hiking. The FKK hiking trail in the Harz mountains region. And there are various nudist camping spots throughout the country. Check out the famous places.

If you really want to get to know FKK in Germany, try visiting the places with the longest history.

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