Rio de janeiro 2015 new year

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How is spend new year in Copacabana, the world's largest new year's Eve

My heat, former inhabitant of Copa, He ironical it lay from different dw the persons Is forming Quote comment. But other events were decentralized by the volatility to relieve Copacabana, with animals and accumulations in other investors like Flamengo and Bar.

De janeiro new Rio year 2015

The proposal was to draw attention of tourists janeirp customers. Besides other events were created by the city to relieve Copacabana, with concerts and fireworks in yewr beaches like Flamengo and Bar. Needless to say, things were not always like this. My mother, former inhabitant of Copa, He said it comes from long before the years I can say that it is an experience that at least once in their life worth. And congratulations to Comlurb for efficiency ever. World-renowned, and desired as the destination for the new year, the New year's Eve on Copacabana beach attracts millions of people every year.

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As much as the service that the TV GLOBO do nfw new year's is the most impressive, It costs absolutely nothing to throw your trash in the trash can closer. I remember one year that the wall of cars and buses on Barata Ribeiro was such that you couldn't cross. But come on, It is the largest new year's celebration of the world! Is awesome Quote comment.

If you ask the guys "root" as I, never in MY LIFE, This jansiro firework display in the boats will stop that was made in the sand and open those re balls under our heads; It was something very, very magic, who lived know. Also that in celebration of the fourth centenary of the citythen-Mayor Carlos Lacerda sent air force planes to launch silver paper with the symbol of the 4th centenary to create a large silver rain, starting the celebrations of the anniversary of the city, had no fires. Nowadays the traffic in Copacabana is fully closed, You can't get in or circulate in the neighborhood, After a certain time, that is wonderful, do you have that desperation of people entering in the cars, fighting to take cabs and in the end everyone completely bottled disturbing pedestrians who want to return home.

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