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You will not find any crossdressers offering sex on streets, but you will definitely find a few on the Internet. Their cost may be a bit higher than the cost of a regular escort. Gay and Lesbian You can find gays and lesbians willing to have sex in Ryazan. They do not belong to escort agencies, they rather look for couples on dating websites. Depending on the time of the year and day of the week, there will be from no to about a dozen gays in the city. Sexual Services for Women Some of the street hookers or individual prostitutes offer services for women and for couples. Men prostitutes do not stand on streets, they offer their services through the Internet.

Women willing to have sex with a local macho can easily find them on sex-related websites in Ryazan. Sex Shops and Adult Stores There are several adult stores in Ryazan - some of them are small stores and others are parts of a big chain of stores. Small stores have basic goods like condoms, strap-ons, vibratos and vaginas, anal toys, and sexy lingerie, big stores have a wider range of products such as fetish and BDSM accessories, dolls and costumes. Therefore we have included this section on dangers in Russia, not because Russia is an especially risky place for tourists but to simply try to separate the fact from the fiction and to give you good advice on making your visit to Russia pass without any problems.

This depiction is somewhat distorted. Although you may see some shady looking guys driving around in luxury cars with blacked-out windows and thuggish-looking security guards, these attributes are no longer just found among the mafia. In any case the ordinary tourist is very, very unlikely to get mixed up with any mafia, unless he goes looking for it of course. In addition, tourists are also unlikely to experience street crime in Russia.

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Like in every major city pickpockets do operate at busy tourist areas and are likely to target tourists in the belief that they will have more money on them. However if you keep your wallet in a safe place and don't draw more attention to yourself than necessary, you should be fine. Moscow and St Petersburg are still much safer cities than, for example, New York, Paris or London, but of course common sense is still required. If you stumble out of a bar late at night completely drunk or walk around with your wallet hanging out your back pocket you might be asking for trouble. Some odd tricks have also been developed by conmen and sometimes these are used to target tourists. One such trick is for a man to drop a wad of cash in front of you.

If you then pick it up, he will then claim you have stolen half of it and with his friends will demand you give back the full amount. Again simple common sense will protect you from this type of trick - don't pick up wads of cash lying around! WILD ANIMALS The myth of the ubiquitous Russian bear is probably one of the most enduring myths about Russia, but while Russia does have large bear populations in remote parts of the country, the chances are that during your trip you will only see one at a zoo.

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In places where there is a risk of wild bears, there are usually signs warning you of such and giving advice. In reality you are probably more at risk of being attacked by a stray dog than a bear, although this too is unlikely! Even in Moscow and St Petersburg you can see stray dogs and sometimes even packs of them, although the situation now is nowhere near as widespread as it was a decade ago. Most of the time these dogs are used to people and won't bother you unless you start provoking them. However there is always a risk that something might set them off, so you should not approach them.

Standard advice for a dog attack and for that matter a bear attack is not to run away, normally the dogs will back down after a lot of barking. If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a stray dog, you should seek medical advice and might even need a rabies jab. You should of course have good medical insurance as if you have to go to a Western-style English-speaking clinic in Russia you will face a hefty bill. If you plan to sleep with prostitutes or use intravenous drugs while in Russia, then good luck to you! You might come back with a long-lasting souvenir.

Mosquitos are common in summer in Russia, both in cities and the countryside. Ticks and horseflies are also not unusual in natural surroundings and if you intend to go camping in remote parts of Russia it is worth contacting your doctor about getting a vaccination against Tick-borne Encephalitis — which should be done around 6 weeks in advance. Otherwise these bugs are just an annoyance. You can buy all sorts of effective pest control in many supermarkets and chemists in Russia. This is unfortunate not because you will be trapped in Russia forever but because you will lose a large chunk of your holiday sorting out a replacement.

Should you lose your passport call your embassy or have a look on their website for advice.

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