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AMLO y la Corrupción.

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The former State of Mexico governor completed his nomination at an event that gathered yahio and politicians. He then thanked his voters and promised to run a government corripto and open to criticism. Before and after the inauguration, in an event that has been labeled by the media as the 1DMX, [42] [43] [44] [45] protesters rioted outside of the National Palace and clashed with Federal Police forces, vandalizing hotel structures and setting fires in downtown Mexico City. More than 90 protesters were arrested and several were injured. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard blamed anarchist groups for the violence. The auto manufacturing industry expanded rapidly under Nieto's presidency.

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But that doesn't do it automatically.

Is this what you mean? I simply want it to automatically sort by daating column, as opposed to multiple as described in the link. Microsoft excel auto sort bookmarks, would this code change effect all excel spreadsheets I make in the future?

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