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Sagittarius Men Traits

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Explains soooo much. Twas the drumming that gave him away. Like your bro sweetpea, he drummed on everything, even though he was a guitarist. Framed the drumsticks he took to Knebworth, because he had been tapping along to Led Zep live. Thanks for this. Feel I know him a little better now.

Cool that he kept the sticks Blossom. How neat would that be now? Yeah,last live gig. My brother is Sagittarius and has always played drums! Now, at 54 yrs.

A new drum set. Funny Mystic! Navogation if drums were not around…. My brother used to play drums with the cat! Sitting at the table with cat navibation lap, holding paws in his fingers — really looked as tho the cat was drumming. In Romantic Matters To much of a good thing However, when it comes to romantic mattersthose very same qualities that made you fall in love with this Sag fellow may be the very thing that irritates! All of a sudden, that agility translates into, "Why can't you sit still? It has a sneaky way of turning into "Why can't you ever be serious?

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This change usually happens as the romance deepens and things begin to turn more serious. Nothing makes a Sagittarius man flee faster than the looming prospect of a serious commitment. The last thing this frisky fellow wants to do is morph from a prancing tiger into a domesticated house cat. For that, try a Cancer man! The Sagittarius man also likes being in the lead.

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He might—he is keen about trying on new personas and testing the waters of transformation. It seems like this guy might be tough to date or bring home to your mother. Will he ever slow down long enough to show devotion yu. one person? The male Sagittarius does become entranced with other captivating individuals. The Aries is equally as adventurous as the Sagittarius. Both of these zodiac signs find it hard to sit still, and deally make a sabittarius team together because they will never try to hold the other one down. Dating an Aries will actually keep a Yu. on his toes. The Aries lover has such a strong, competitive personality that he or she will encourage the Sagittarius to keep up.

A Libra might also be a great partner for the Sagittarius man. Libras can also hold their own in social settings and will not have to be entertained by their partner. The Libra might encourage you to take a breath and explore your inner strengths as well as the exhilarating opportunities that surround you. Dating someone with this zodiac sign can help you become more well-rounded. He will involve you in conversations in the areas of literature, science, religion, politics, and social issues. He will appreciate your smartness.

The Sagittarius man is most comfortable with someone he can chat with about world events, travel, and current affairs. This is the sign you need to look out for. He wants to be sure, before he makes his move. As a Fire sign, he has very intense emotions. He is not inclined to taking the wrong steps. In spite of the raging emotions in his chest, the Sagittarius man is unlikely to act crazy around you. He is a poor risk taker. It means that he is considering you for a partner, and he just wants to be sure, before he tells you. You can help him along by anticipating his approaches. Once he decides to conquer you, be prepared.

After all, he is under the Fire sign. Such a man can be fiery in his pursuits. Be on the lookout for his initial cards. These include insinuation, subtlety, and distraction maneuvers. His plan is to seduce you magically. This is more so when he likes you.

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