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Greg also notes the passing of reporter Michael Hastings, with a wome stories looking back on his fearless style. Armando called in from the road on his way to the big gathering, and to remind everyone that he'll be reporting from San Jose, as will the larger Netroots Radio team.

Then a response to the latest "threat" from Mitch Lookinv over rumors that Senate Dems are considering the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster on judicial and executive nominations. Basically, Republicans are threatening to do exactly the same thing they've kn said they were going to do, and have in fact been trying to do, since forever. Lastly, the free market has spoken on the NRA's terrible "arm the teachers" idea, and it has spoken ssome Greg Dworkin discusses his latest for Politix, his pundit round-up of both-sides-ism, Republican fot, and traditional media missing the point s.

Armando koe in to discuss the broad topic of trust in government, in the context of the msa IRS story, the NSA revelations, Syria, and the recent sna on all three. We Lookihg a David Weigel entry at Slate noting the Republican tactics in conflating IRS accusations behind the confusion made evident in the CNN poll, and the latest derp from Bobby "Volcano Monitoring" Jindal, who's apparently abandoned his effort to un-stupid his party. Note how quickly he goes to 2nd Amendment rhetoric here. Does it seem to you that a lot of this talk is premised on the assumption that no one will ever shoot back?

Jerry Nadler D-NY to a Congressional briefing stirred the hornet's nest over the weekend, setting off parallel chain reactions of rebuttal, retraction, walk-backs, debunkings, and everything in between. Greg Dworkin rounds up still more polling on the issue, and most of the show is once again given over to exploring some number of the millions of rabbit holes a giant issue like this reveals, via articles from the NYT, WaPo, the AP, and of course, our friend Marcy Wheeler. Just for a change-up, we threw in the Lower Hudson, NY area Daily Journal's follow-up on their publication of names and addresses of area pistol permit holders. Did it in fact result in criminal targeting of those gun owners?

No charges will be filed, the death is chalked up to "tragic accident," and everyone close to the family insists the boy was fully trained and cautious to a fault. Except he wasn't, and now even though his sister is dead as a result, the official closure to the event will say he was. That must be because of all that "responsibiity" we hear about in "gun culture.

Then a discussion about gun violence statistics, the question of whether or not suicides by firearms are properly included in those numbers, and a column from Seattle alt weekly The Stranger, "When Domestic Violence Becomes a Mass Shooting. But of slightly more importantance, so does the NSA story. But the NSA story still dominated today, and in addition to Greg's polling round-up on the subject, Armando weighed in on the broader questions of legality and constitutionality and "hero" versus "traitor", as well and what those things even mean in this context. There are however some escort agencies in Kos. There are many good budget, mid Fuck Kos date high-end lodging options in Kos island.

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