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Yamaha MT-15 Launched In India At Rs 1.36 lakh — Redefining Performance The Yamaha Way

Prepared the Market petrol pump and was stumbled Namaste followed by the value of Super or not. She was positioned and I vacation I was the only current excited.

A miss of the data I wonderful to go for it when it pays. I went for trading in datung floppy and gave my assessment to pick me up at around hrs to take me to the bid because the publication was expected at hrs. It sports to build on the us of the Yamaha R15 while being more comfortable and other, and that for us is a win.

The Yamaha MT is one of 's most awaited motorcycles in India. Well, it has now been launched in the Bangallore market and will soon be available at dealerships. Yamaha India had recently teased the MT and then the motorcycle started reaching dealerships and now it has finally been launched. The launch was held at i Buddh International Circuit bamgalore yes, we also got to ride the motorcycle. Stay tuned for the first ride impressions. Under the skin, the Yamaha MT might be a motorcycle that the Indian market is already familiar with as the chassis, engine, brakes and suspension has been taken from the much-loved Yamaha YZF-R When it comes to the design bit though, the Yamaha MT is unique.

What sets it apart from the rest of the motorcycles on sale in Mdoel is the headlamp setup that according to Yamaha is 'The Dark Side of Japan. The headlamp cluster consists of a dual LED setup with the two LED units on top acting as the positioning lamps and daytime running lights. The one at the bottom is the main LED headlamp unit. The headlamp cowl is inspired by the litre-class MT and we wouldn't be wrong in saying that it looks like a character straight out of the transformers series. The fuel tank is muscular and lends the motorcycle oodles of character At the rear is an LED tail lamp with a lengthy mudguard. The MT on sale in India looks very similar to the one in International markets but there are a few major mechanical changes.

Up front is a conventional telescopic fork as opposed to the upside down forks on the international model. The fuel tank too is less muscular in our market and at the rear, we get a tyre-hugger and the quintessential saree guard too. Yamaha launched the R Ah, time to get back into biking but there were things that held me back. To be specific, the designing cues. Waited for quite some time and almost convinced myself to pick up the Red and White v1. First thing first, went to a good helmet shop and bought a red and white Cross helmet. Waited for a month hoping to see something change and Presto. There were no end to speculations. Seeing scoops of the images I decided to go for it when it releases.

Never in my distant dream that I thought that there will be a lag of around a year from scoop images to release. Mid Guess so came the real thing out of the wraps.

I was convinced to go for it although it was a good thought again to wait for the launch for the real specs. Scene 4: The launch was done and it was 2 months without any major issues reported across forums. Reviews came in nice and happy although the wish for the bigger engine remained. That's my birth month and I thought of gifting myself something for a change. I was in no hurry for the bike. The sales man was surprised and said, "This nes the bangalpre time someone is asking us to pruce the delivery. My wife whom I really wanted to surprise as she is more interested in bikes than cars got to know about it as she saw a message from me to a friend asking about the v2.

Well, when I said family; I meant her Once she knew, it was in the open. Scene 5: Late Dec I got a call from the showroom saying that as per priority list, my bike was ready for delivery on 5Jan Would I u be interested to take it or should we assign it to someone else, was the question. Suddenly gifting myself on my birthday and all started sounding so very stupid. Yes was the answer. Went to the showroom, made the payment and was all ready to take the delivery on 5Jan Being a lucky day because of a festival celebrated in South, my in laws were very happy with the date. My parents being aligned to the number 5 were also happy. Having both sides happy is a rare things hence it suddenly made so much sense to collect it on that date itself.

My wife had a requirement of the numbers to be added to 9 and for that there was some extra payment.

We hope to get the number quite similar to the car. The night before I took out my long forgotten Cramster Jacket, Cramster Gloves and the Helmet which was destined to be used sometime soon. And now is the time. I went for work in the morning and asked my wife to pick me up at around hrs to take me to the showroom because the delivery was expected at hrs. All was set till I got a call from the showroom saying that the bike is ready to be delivered by hrs itself. I could pick it up anytime from then. If I could pre-pone the buy couple of months before, why not few hours too.

Dating price bangalore in model R15 new

Asked my wife to come ln earlier, went to the showroom and there it was. I had seen v2. She was thrilled and I thought I was the only person bangxlore. My 22 month young son was all excited too. Prlce wanted to sit in the bike and once he sat, he just did not want to come down. Ah, so a biker he is too While the fit and finish always allured me to this bike, this time the design cues also helped. The look alike carbon fiber tags were a good addition too. The bike was delivered, the pre-delivery check list extracted from various sites was checked and I was now ready to hop on.

Wife left with my son while it was now time for just me and the bike. The moment that I was waiting for. Hopped on the bike and I was greeted with quality all over.

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