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Campus Plastics Database with New Graphic Features

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Stage, chat with Zoo staff while learning about eco- friendly enrichment for the animals or stop Cmapusplastics a conservation talk featuring. The Schedule Camusplastics now available. CAMPUS is the only database that exclusively offers high quality and comparable material information, absolutely restricted to uniform standards. Previous Next The Plastics Technology online materials database has a new name, a new look, and lots of new capabilities to help find the right material for a particular job.

As the name implies, the database has expanded its scope beyond just grades available in North America which Plastics Technology has offered since to include materials offered around the globe—you can even select them by geographic availability. Plaspec Global even lets you overlay such curves for different materials, providing dramatic inter-material comparisons of processability or thermal-mechanical properties. Many of these include photos of the applications and a link to the technical properties of the specific resin used. Also new is the Tradename Register of resins and additives, searchable by tradename, producer, resin type, or delivery form.

In addition, you can perform a text search across the entire Plaspec Global database. Basic and Complete.

Basic is free, but requires registration. Even registration daitng the Basic version provides one-week free Campusplastivs to the Complete functions, so you can determine if you would like to upgrade after seven days. It also includes access to the plastics Tradename Register and limited access to the Literature Database. A Complete subscription adds a much wider range of materials search parameters and ability to display, store, and print tables of data on multiple materials.

Online dating Campusplastics

In addition, you lnline sort the search results by a property of interest and overlay multipoint data curves for up to three resins at a time. The Complete version also provides full access to the Tradename, Literature, and Application databases. Search results will appear as a list of material grades.

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