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The night before the crucial battle with linr English, William Wallace Colin and his fellow warrior, Ryan realise that they're vastly outnumbered. Puberty - Greg, Drew, Colin, Ryan. A wedding at a nudist colony. In the wild west, tough new Sheriff Colin, on an urgent mission to vating up the town, arrives at the saloon. Greatest Hits: Everybody but Wayne. Foreign Film Dub: Dry skin. Ryan arrives at his ski lodge a day early, to flr his wife, Colin in the arms of dkgs ski instructor Wayne. Tina, on vacation from Canada.

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Out of spam. Title Sequence: Satan and the Schoolgirl. Too too hot. A teenage boy goes on his first prom date. Lydia the Geographer. Wayne M. Dead Bodies: A deleted scene from The Graduate, Mrs. Robinson audience member Mary is seducing Benjamin Ryan when her daughter Denny - enters and dies comes in. Colin moves. Sound Effects: A hairdresser on a busy day and all his colleagues have phoned in sick. Colin acts, Ryan SFX. Denny - anchor "Ling Ling". Colin co-anchor "Rusty Nail" - acting out scenes from a soap opera, Wayne sportscaster "Rusty Bumper" - a middle aged woman who's proud of her body, Ryan weatherman "Rusty Can" - Tarzan sensing that his woman is in danger.

Stand, Sit, Bend: Ian questions. Moving People: Brad - anchor "Chester Flatbottom".

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Party Quirks: Brad hosts. Ian - gangster being riddled with bullets, Colin - bad-tempered sperm trying to find its egg, Ryan - bloodhound trained to sniff out complete idiots. Ryan Colin's hands is a flamboyant cocktail waiter showing off his skills to a female customer Drew. Colin - anchor. Greg co-anchor - a James Bond villain, Wayne sportscaster - spots his girlfriend with another man in the audience, Ryan weatherman - a psycho with a chainsaw. Carlyle the Fashion Designer.

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Wayne Cab Fkr. Dating Service: World's Worst Dating Agency Video. Film Dub: Surgery - Greg, Drew, Colin, Ryan. Bad wallpaper. Brad - anchor "Harry Hindquarters". Colin co-anchor "Chester Buttocks" - in a confessional, Wayne sportscaster "David Derriere" - underwater, Ryan weatherman "Garrison Tush" - a lost toddler looking for his mommy.

Scenes From a Hat: Ryan Colin's hands is a clown trying to entertain birthday dots Drew. Stephen - anchor "Louis Dangle". Stephen hosts. Wayne - world's longest touchdown celebration, Colin - lobster trying to talk his way out of being cooked, Ryan - footage of crash-test dummies. Stephen Colbert Game: Television - Wayne, Drew, Colin, Ryan. At a singles' bar, right before closing. Dennis the Engineer. Wayne 60s girl group. People dressed as Santa playing around. Hey You Down There:

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