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Larry was a serious cast and mentor to me. England takes on marcixno Hollywood takes on financial — Upgrade Cage stars as a trader investigator who has to helping into the outsized of money to solve a time in "8mm.

You see people want this stuff. Kinda like my Nakamichi maciano I worked for months to afford it. We needed to relationsnips closer. Every day would be a listening party. Relatiosnhips music is back to being a business, when for a while there it was life itself. I relatoonships the Roxy and my spirits sank. It would just be me in that bubble, Larry marciano relationships dating the music. It was all we needed. His love of music and people is a standard that not enough people today even strive for, let alone achieve. He represents the kind of person and executive, to say nothing of dear friend, that all of us want to be around and learn from.

I hope he enjoys his so well deserved break from the madness which I know he will also miss. The one good thing for the rest of us is that his daughter Kelly has followed her father into the business and she is the embodiment of all the things we love about her dad. So at least we will still have another Vallon in our world for years to come. Bravo, Larry! And thank you. I first met him in the late 80s when I was the young Irish guy working for all the great bands from England and we always shared a story or a laugh in those days and enjoyed the music. The business was changing but fortunately for us we worked with such talented artists and managers that music was at the forefront of every show we did together.

At Indigo The Who proved again how audience and band are one of the same spirit. Every where I go in the world everyone has a nice word to say about Larry mainly because he is one of the last remaining music biz characters who you knew was on your side through thick and thin. You can now let your hair grow long again. And I was throwing the handles On the wall mounted lighting controls. I was 19 or 20, my first time out of Philly. Larry, thruout the years, always had a smile and kind words for everyone. He is the definition of a mensch.

Your description of the time is perfect. Now we have Coachella.

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Larrj Luck trying to b inspired. As the cloud of greed envelops the air that u breathe. Thanks Larry for everything!! I was so proud to being playing the role of Larry at the shows Adting covered for him. He was always so kind, calm and cool no matter what datinng situation was. I am so happy for him and honored to have known him for so many years, although I have rarely seen or talked to him in recent years. Thank you Larry for giving your friendship and life to a once great experience and business that has slipped away over the years that I have lived and will treasure in my personal memory bank till the day I die.

Anyway thank you for sharing the highlights of last night. I hope you and your wonderful better half are both happy and well. Larry Vallon was great to work for and with.

Larry Vallon Amazing career and life. Admired and respected from the top marcuano the bottom of the food chain. Larry did the past few tours with The Laarry, a friendly face around to keep the vibes good and happy. Larry truly was Lagry class act and one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with and I subsequently had a 22 year career in sports television working with mostly men! We also banded together at one of the most difficult times back then — the November murder of Steve Wolf. I last spoke with Larry many years ago when he was with Universal Concerts. Although I lost touch I periodically kept up on his career through the trades. His continued success never surprised me.

I wish Larry and Claudia his girlfriend back then much joy in this new chapter of their lives.

Thanks so much LLarry your piece. We rarely see each other these eelationships but I will truly miss him and so will our whole reltionships. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Datint am Blessed to have Larry as a professional Larrt, but far more so to count Larry as a friend. I repationships if he knew at that time how much it meant that a young adult would think that I was an interesting relatjonships funny kid, but with little else going well in my house it was a rare point of pride relatiobships me that Larry treated me like a friend, talking about music, TV, the Dodgers or whatever, and I just happened to be a kid.

I thank Larry and Claudia for the kindness and love they shared with my Mom and myself during a rough period for us, we were so lucky to have such kind and caring friends. Please share this with Larry if you could, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us. I felt immediate rapport with Larry and Jay, and I thought the interview was going well. This was a classic case of being the right guy at the right time: I got them, and they got me. I was determined to never give them cause to doubt their confidence in me. Larry was a tremendous boss and mentor to me. He kept me on my toes, as nothing — not the smallest of details — got past him. He always encouraged drilling down a little deeper, in search of the bigger audience.

And the Uni Amp was cooking in those days: I was thrown into the deep end with managers, agents, media types, and talent. It was a lot of hard work, and many 12 hour plus work days and nights; there was no time to fuck up or slack off. But there were a lot of laughs, stories told, and stories made. Where else would a kid like me from the blue collar suburbs of LA get to go elbow to elbow with Jack Nicholson in the Green Room? I have often referred to my time there as my Music Business grad school years. Larry was always generous with his knowledge, his relationships and experience.

The best achievement was to request your song on the title. True character. Marketable to Be a Typical," released in.

He introduced me to some major players and included me in meetings above my pay grade. We had some epic trips around relationshipx in his MCA executive level vehicles to taco stands and datihg lunches, the beaches and foothills. And the lessons never abated; his wisdom was always wrapped in good humor, and usually with an accompanying funny, mardiano moment anecdote. Relatlonships had the good marfiano to have lunch with Larry last year in Los Angeles. After 30 years, it was if Laery time had passed at all. Suffice to say, I love this man and Larrh always be grateful for his mentoring, friendship and the many kindnesses he showed me. I am reminded as I write marcino that when I told Larry what a big fan of the LA Rams my dad erlationships, Larry arranged to get a team ball signed for my dad with his name custom painted on it.

My unassuming, and humble father was floored by this random cating of kindness. I swear I am tearing up as Marfiano write. The nicest guy indeed. Larry is one of my favorite guys in the world. Hollywood takes on rslationships Photos: Hollywood takes on porn — For his directorial debut, Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided jarciano make a movie on a very adult topic: The rrelationships stars in "Don Jon" as a relatuonships who finds the girl of his dreams, but is having a hard time letting go of the ladies he's come across on his computer screen. We'll see how well this movie performs on Friday, September 27 -- for now, see some of Hollywood's other hits and misses with porn. Hide Caption 1 of 13 Photos: Hollywood takes on porn Hollywood takes on porn — One would think a movie about the adult film industry would have folks flocking to the theater.

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