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Swedish Academy head quits Nobel body over sexual misconduct probe

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The bottom floor was used as a trading exchange Wat later became the stock exchangeand the upper floor was used for balls, New Year's Eve parties, etc. To that end the academy publishes two dictionaries. Because two other seats were still vacant after the Rushdie affair, this left only 11 active members. The Swedish Academy annually awards nearly 50 different prizes and scholarships, most of them for domestic Swedish authors. How the jury for the Nobel Prize in Literature works Reading, debating, deciding The Academy then receives the list of five candidates from the Committee.

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handoing Last Friday, stepz members of the institution — Peter Englund, Klas Ostergren and Kjell Espmark — withdrew from its th after a vote to expel Frostenson failed. Read more: The building now known as the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building was built for the bourgeoisie. Bettina Baumann ad Man's wife also steps down In November, the academy hired a private law firm to investigate sexual harassment allegations made by 18 women against Jean-Claude Arnault, the husband of academy member Katarina Frostenson. His aim was to promote the Swedish language and literature. The first official action in the selection process usually takes place in September of the previous year.

Frostenson voluntarily agreed to withdraw from participating in the academy, bringing the total of withdrawals to five.

Whay A person does not have to apply nor compete for the prizes. News Head of Swedish Academy resigns amid row over sex abuse suspect Sara Danius has resigned from her position as the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy. The preliminary preparations start a year before the winner is picked.

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