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The mid appeared empty as I let myself in the front office. Her lessons raped revealing a cumulative, letting pussy, a mix of her conditioners and my cum connecting out of her.

Lisa, that's gross. How can you think my dad is sexy? Just because he works out and has muscles. You think all musclemen are sexy. Ugh, he's my dad. Besides, I like Scott. Last weekend was just amazing I'll tell you all the details when I get there.

I'd better go or else Ucm be late. See you later. I couldn't think as I imagined my daughter being fucked by some stranger. I hadn't even met this Scott. My pulse pounded as a red mist came over me. I pushed Gemma pussy cum her door and entered her room. Ccum was stood in front of her mirrored dressing table running her hands down over her dress. Oh, my god. That dress. It was barely a dress, ending just past her perfect ass. The front pusssy it was pyssy cut, the v of the cut going all the way down pusxy her navel pusay the curve of those lush tits.

My mouth watered as they jiggled slightly beneath the tight fabric. I could see her nipples pushing against the material, taunting me. The dress was so figure hugging I could tell she wasn't wearing underwear. No bra. No panties. Something snapped inside of me as I entered the room, closing the door behind me, and walked up behind her. My cock was so hard it was almost painful within the confines of my trousers. What are you doing? You startled me? I wanted to rip the dress from her, feast on her tits, fuck her pussy over and over again.

I'm going out with my friends tonight. You seem to have forgotten your underwear. I could see her pulse beating rapidly in her neck, her breath coming in faster bursts. Those tits, rising and falling with each breath, torturing me. It's no big deal. Everyone does it. She tried to move but froze as she felt my hard cock pushing against her. A slut? Are you a slut for Scott? I reached up and slipped my hand inside her dress, cupping her breast. My fingers found her nipple and rolled and tugged it until it was hard and thrusting against my fingers.

I smiled, feeling her breath catch as I stroked and teased.

Pussy cum Gemma

Like having your tits played with? My mouth waters at the sight. Nipples erect, mini hardons against the darkness of her aureole. I hold both of them, feeling their weight as they fit perfectly in my hands, nipples stroking my palms. She raised her hands to mine as I tugged sharply pusey her nipples causing her to moan. Her hands rested on mine, holding them upssy as she sagged against me. Like me playing with those titties? Pinching them? I slid my hand down over her flat stomach, down inside her dress to her smooth pussy. My fingers stroked her silky skin before sliding into her mysterious depths.

A smile creased my features as I felt her wet pussy, her hips twitching against my hand. I think someone likes this. Your pussy is so wet just from my touching those perfect titties. What a slut you are? Licking and sucking on that tight little nubbin as I rubbed and explored her wet pussy. She panted in my arms, weakly pushing against me before giving in and holding my head to her tit. Her pussy ground against my hand as I slid a finger inside. God, she was so wet my cock nearly exploded in my pants. I left her tit and stood close behind her, grinding my cock against her. Her eyes were heavy with desire, her nipples hard and wet from my mouth.

My hand was buried in her sopping pussy, stroking and pinching on her clit.

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My hand reached down and undid my belt and trousers, pushing them down to free my aching cock. I stroked its length, marvelling at how hard and full it was. She had done this, she had made me so desperate for her. If anyone was going to fuck her it would be me! Does she want to be fucked by a real cock? Filling her cunt with his cum? Something had snapped inside me and all my dirty desires were flooding out, taking control with the sole aim of fucking her delectable body. It's wrong," she gasped, trying one last time to break the spell but I wouldn't let her. I was too far gone. I want your cock in my pussy! I'm your slut! Please, Daddy, please fuck me with your cock!

I need it! I tilted her forwards so that she was leaning on the dresser, Gemmz hanging Grmma. My cock slid along her ass crack, seeking out the pssy hole that called to it. With a harsh groan I thrust deep inside her. Oh baby, you're such a good slut. Never had a pussy felt so good. Her slick walls allowed me to back out and thrust again, going so deep before retreating and repeating, faster and faster. I grabbed her hips as I pounded her wet cunt. My balls slapped against her, the sound a background to our moans as I drove her onwards.

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