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Unless it presonnes linked otherwise, the data personens in the guaranteed system of the bosses, Stt and 2L Aviation, complain the only of all great concluded with the Best through the Standard. In nome, the Member has the most to lodge a product with a great choice authority. Gauge Majeure The Parties cannot be bad responsible if the non-execution or the trading in the classification of any of their obligations, as described in the monthly GCUS, arises from a fraud of force majeure, within the personal of the Occurrence of the Only Code.

If not answered after within eight 8 calendar days from its personnrs, Stt reserves the right to terminate the registration on the Website, to close his Account, and to terminate the Subscription, without prejudice to any common-law action which might be open to it. Unless it is proven otherwise, this data constitutes proof of all transactions between Stt and the Member via the Website.

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To this end, the prevented party perssonnes warn the other of the resumption of his obligation by personness means of persohnes choice. The Member personmes agrees to this communication. The content of the Website, the denomination of the Services, brands, drawings, models, images, texts, photos, logos, graphics, software and programmes, search engines, databases, sounds, videos, domain names, design or Site de rencontres personnes rondes other information or media presented by 2L Multimedia on the Website, without this list being exhaustive, are the exclusive property rondea 2L Multimedia and are protected by applicable French and international laws relating to intellectual property in force.

The members recognize and accept that the details they supply, as well as their behaviour or comments on the Website, can be reported by other members and a subsequent check by 2L Multimedia, based on objective appreciation criteria, without prejudice to the appropriate application of the 'Termination' article of the present GCUS. The member guarantees and releases Stt and 2L Multimedia from any claim and condemnation originating from default of the obligations the member is subject to by law or the present terms and conditions of the service. Any use of the service by the member within 30 days after a modification of the terms and conditions confirms that, the latter, accepts the new terms and conditions.

Stt provides additional services to improve the communication functions and promote the visibility of the profile of a member on the Website. The member is not authorized to remove or modify data on the Website, to fraudulently enter data or carry out an alteration on the operation of the Website.

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If you don't desire to receive any more emails personnex us, please send your request at customer stdt. All be able to promise highly receive problems. The companies Stt and 2L Multimedia are not obliged and do not have the technical means to ensure the identity of the persons registering on the Website and opening an Account.

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