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But I'm a fan of building rapport and connecting to make the interaction more solid so the number doesn't flake, but it's up to you. What you lookin at bitch? No crime, no kidnappings. A ton of cops starting whacking the guy with sticks and guns. Instant justice in the streets. No democracy, but plenty of zoom zoom as they say in Haiti. Concarne I am curious Grand Pollo I am curious You cannot, not find Haitian girls in the DR. Lots in Boca Chica. Ngp They work in all the rest stops and all have fat asses.

Marc Anthony Very true. If you are looking for campo haitianas check out the bateyes - haitian pueblos in the DR mostly originally created for cane cutting laborers. They exist in all the cane growing areas. Near PP Montellano has them. There is a bateye about 2km down the dirt road heading south right near Field of Dreams hotel across the road from Playa Dorada. Bateye haitians are frequently undocumented - and are justifiably fearful of being arbitrarily grabbed by the police or military and dumped back over the border into haiti. Even people born in the bateyes who have lived their entire lives in the DR are not legally DR citizens. The chicas in the tourist areas have learned to cope with this but lots of haitianas back in the bateyes are shy of being out in regular dominican society.

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I once heard it said that in poor countries, a man's personality is kept in his back pocket. This is true in PAP for sure. Try that in most places in the Western Hemisphere! If you are traveling throught the streets of Peitionville, and get a smile, stop and say hi! Chances are that you will have a confidant for the evening, and beyond if you wish. Is it safe in PAP, hell no! Is it safe if you know a friend who can get you your PAP Sea legs, hell yes! If you can get here, come on down. It ain't no Santo Domingo, but it has a certain charm all it's own!

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