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Their slogan clearly is a play on that.

So, yes, the pre-marketing of this place is relevant and important…. That is clear from reading this thread…. I use my whole name because I stand behind my words and online posts and am not afraid to say the same thing in public. I guess I can address each issue separately.

Cursed location: There is some truth to this. Some locations are just bad for business. We are hoping rrstaurants is not the case here. Raleigh peeople growing every year and this area has lots of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle. I know that the ice cream place had strange hours and St. As for the Crab Shack, I cannot speak with firsthand knowledge, but have heard stories of trouble within the company and that it was too pricey.

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BBQ and Ribs did very well. We have seen numbers. The parent company closed down the concept and all 4 locations. That leaves us. We hope this concept is right for the location. I am from Raleigh and remember when the Mellow Mushroom was a? It was? We have not done ANY advertising and do not plan on it for a while. Our plans were to open soft, make sure service, food and product are exactly what we envisioned. Ausley has been driving Boone Doggies around the Triad since A lot of folks come out a couple times a week. This has been a dream come true for me and would have never been possible had it not been for the Kitchen Connects GSO program.

I am forever grateful for each and every one of you! White said Free Pizza is a podcast that celebrates the lives of a variety of different creatives in the Triad. Stay tuned we have a lot of things coming that is more than a podcast. We want people to have an experience walking in the door. We owe everything to the people that show us support.

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