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The corporate-level tax consequences of a nonliquidating corporate distribution depend on whether the distribution consists of cash or property other than cash. The corporation does not recognize gain or loss when it philosophu cash to shareholders or when it redeems stock in exchange for cash payments Sec. Specifically, the corporation recognizes gain as if it had sold the appreciated property for FMV to the recipient shareholder. When multiple properties are distributed, the corporation computes gain on an asset-by-asset basis Rev. Gain attributable to capital assets and certain property used in a trade or business Sec.

Practice tip: The form breaks total distributions down into taxable and nontaxable categories.

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Form od, Corporate Report of Nondividend Distributions, is used to report nondividend distributions to shareholders. NNon-liquidating 1: A is not related to the other shareholders. However, the shareholders agree that J can distribute one of the tracts of land to A see the exhibit. A does not care which tract of land he receives in redemption of his stock because he plans to sell the land immediately. The other shareholders feel that the tracts will appreciate at about the same rate, so they are willing to distribute any of the tracts. However, they want to avoid corporatelevel gain.

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However, if the corporation distributes Tract 3, it will not recognize any gain. Recognizing Corporate-Level Loss Unfortunately, a corporation cannot recognize a tax loss on a nonliquidating distribution of depreciated property i. A corporation is generally allowed to recognize tax losses when depreciated property is distributed to shareholders in complete liquidation of the corporation Sec. Example 2:

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