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Her side effects partially hide nakirii clients and go down all the way to her last. She even more named her own illustration after her friend, amin Megumi crying in making.

However, before the ceremony concluded, Senzaemon introduced the only student to transfer into the high school section: Mito Vs. With the condition that she abandon her 10th seat should she lose, she accepted and began the Shokugeki. Erina wins the Shokugeki against Kiyoshi In the end, Erina effortlessly won. Taking time to taste Kiyoshi's dish she immediately identified 27 different flaws. As she explained the faults of the dish, Kiyoshi angrily tried to refute her by trying her dish to look for flaws. However, as he ate her Ravioli Di Aragostathe fantastic taste overwhelmed his senses.

Since datiny elegant became well balanced, most of her youth food was made by right chefs to perform her life tasting abilities. Providing, like her grandfather, Erina shorts closing respect towards Leonora and her clients.

With the nakiti of the Shokugeki finalized, Erina called a demolition crew to tear down the Chan RS clubroom. Enraged, Erina told Hisako not makiri mention his name around her. Since then, Hisako treats him with utmost respect especially after witnessing his victories and progress. She especially became greatly distressed and frustrated when he challenged Subaru to a Shokugeki by risking his own cooking career. Ikumi was initially flattered by his request for her help, even stressing about what outfit she should wear and how she should behave around him giving herself a small impression that he might ask her on a datebut was disappointed when Mayumi Kurase was present as an assistant.

Still, Ikumi offered as much help as she could, such as getting him the highest quality meat for a fraction of its true price and even willingly gave him a bag of quality meat for his Semifinal Match during the 43rd Annual Autumn Election. The two grew up in the Nakiri mansion together, though Erina often bullied Alice. To make matters worse, though Alice was very skilled at a young age, Erina's God's Tongue overshadowed Alice's abilities. Tired of being in Erina's shadow, Alice convinced her father to let her come to Denmark, hoping to gain the techniques to finally beat Erina. However, the two maintained a solid friendly relationship in their childhood as Erina wanted to communicate with Alice after she moved to Denmark.

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In the present, Erina holds some respect towards her cousin and acknowledges that she is a skilled cook, but still nowhere near her level. Alice, in turn, loves to poke fun at her cousin at any opportunity. Erina is more than willing to hang out with Alice, such as their pool outing. At the very least, their familial ties are strong, but partially fueled by a rivalry founded by a common respect for the other's abilities and talent. Leonora is Alice's mother and Erina's aunt. Because of the similar personalities of Alice and her mother, Erina finds her aunt a bit annoying at times.

However, like her grandfather, Erina does hold respect towards Leonora and relationshis abilities. Unfortunately for her, her attempts at intimidation were ineffective against the happy-go-lucky Soma who either ignored her insults or, due to his denseness, misunderstood what she's trying to say, further infuriating Erina. At first, she was in disbelief but realized it was true after seeing the two next to each other in a recent photo. Takumi in OVA despite having all the girls talked from the point of view of Megumi and when all of Polar Star dorm when went for the fun time near a lake, Megumi called Takumi also. That's why she left Erina, when beaten by Hayama, thinking that there is no place for failure with Erina.

Its not possible though but can be awesome, if we thought of them together. The same reason is stand datimg for Eishi also. Similarly Erina felt alone without Hisako when she left her. In the first season 2nd episode, we already saw their expression when Erina told Hisako if she likes to taste her new dish in privacy while Erina considered everybody failed in the entrance test.

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