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This is specifically the underlying. Try it.

Just like your penis, her clit becomes erect when aroused. And if you do it right, you can give your girl a minute orgasm. Orgasmic Meditation: Then you need to get into a comfortable position sitting down to her right side with your left leg bent and over her stomach and your right leg under her right leg. Your touch should be as light as possible. This is actually what you are aiming for! If you find a variation of the above technique to work best, then please stick with that and use our advice as a set of guidelines about the best way to finger a girl, not rigid instructions. Experiment with lying down beside your partner while performing it or focus on a different area of her clit or whatever works best for both of you.

While there is lots of praise online for the techniques, there has also been some critical investigative journalism by Bloomberg on the organization that provides courses in Orgasmic Meditation. I would advise you to read this investigation before engaging with them. What you may not know is how far her clitoris extends inside her body [ 5 ].

Most I recoup rub. He engineers his wad afterward on my clit!!. Try it!.

So, why not play with pusey of her clit that usually get little pkssy by massaging and gently squeezing it. Do not squeeze the exposed part of her clit; this will hurt her! Start off with very gentle grindibg and see how she reacts. Then increase or decrease the amount of pressure you use based on her feedback. You can also lightly jerk it up and down. Loving Her Labia While firls labia are not nearly as sensitive as her clit, there are a lot of girsl enjoyable ways you can pleasure and stimulate grindong. Slowly Fta them up and down like in the above diagram can bring her close to orgasm without her climaxing, which makes for great foreplay.

This makes her labia the perfect option for gitls on until her clit yrinding down and stops being so sensitive. Using either her own natural lubrication or some from a bottle will make stroking grinsing labia Fat girls pussy grinding even more pleasurable for her. It might even be how she experienced her first orgasm [ 7 ], so why not use this to your advantage when trying to make her orgasm? Here are two ways you do just that: When she is lying down in bed, slip one leg in between hers and gently press it up against her vulva. Then slowly move it forward and backward over her vagina while maintaining pressure. While sitting down, have her straddle one of your legs and then encourage her to grind on it by gently pushing and pulling her hips forwards and backward.

Basically, any position where she has the ability to grind on you is perfect! The basic technique involves you taking a pearl necklace or any necklace that has a lot of round beads on it and slowly and gently pulling it between your girls labia so that it runs over her vagina. You can add in some lube from a bottle too if either you or her prefer it to be more slippery. The only way to find out how she enjoys being fingered by you is to either experiment or to simply ask her. With that being said, one way that many women enjoy being fingered is from behind, on the opposite side of her vagina to her G Spot, as demonstrated above.

The G-spot is one of the most sensitive spots inside her vagina; although, many women also find the A-spot to be quite stimulating. Learn more about the A-spot. Her G-spot is located around two inches inside her vagina. If you slide your fingers in and curve them around her pubic bone, you should find her G-spot. This spot is actually a place where you can access her clitoris internally [ 11 ]. This is her G-spot. Use lube. Make sure your fingernails are cut short and filed smooth. The same goes for rough hands. Wash your hands beforehand to avoid spreading bacteria, which can cause infection.

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Start with one finger. You can Fat girls pussy grinding add more and some women like four fingers or even to be fisted! Pay attention to her responses. If she gets tense, pulls away, seems disinterested, or is in Fat girls pussy grinding, do less of that. If she moans, breathes heavier, gets closer to you, or writhes, keep it up! She may enjoy some anal action too. If she does, then anal fingering is a great place to start, before progressing further to full anal sex. Saliva will usually work fine, but keeping some lubricant nearby is a good idea.

Coat your finger and the outside of her ass with some lube, then slowly press your lubed finger into her. Make sure to take it extra slow and listen to her feedback both what her body says, and what she says. Instead, you should maintain a soft pressure to allow her sphincter to relax around your finger. Once it does, then you can slowly push it in and out. While fingering her anally, you can also rub her clit with your spare hand for extra stimulation. Important — Do not touch her vagina after fingering her anally. You will be bringing bacteria from her anus to her vagina which will give her bacterial vaginosis or something worse. Wash your hand s thoroughly after any anal action. This also applies to anything else you put in her ass.

If she wants more anal action, then you may want to check out the Guide on how to have anal sex. One idea is to use your fingers to penetrate here while focusing the vibrator on her clit like in the demonstration above. Alternatively, you can switch and use your fingers on her clit, while penetrating her with the vibrator. The key as always is trying a few different combinations to see which is most pleasurable for your partner. Try it! Serta Perfect Sleeper I find it impossible to make myself cum from using my fingers, so I use the corner of my mattress, works a treat!

I kneel on the floor at the corner, and then lift myself onto the bed so I'm balancing on the corner on the front of my pelvis. Then I just rub. Takes me a while to get it right but I can cum really quickly. Bed me I have a 4-post bed at home, and the knobs on the tops of the post are shaped like the head of a big fat cock. I love to lube up, put a condom on one of the posts, and sit on it. It's so fat and fits deep into my throbbing pussy. Once I'm good and ready, I start to slide up and down, and up and down and up and down on the post, and watch myself on the tv while I rub my slippery clit with one hand and rub my hard nipples with the other.

I get off so much and so intensely this way! Watching this is such a huge turn on and recording it is fun too! When my husband sees it he can barely control his cock. He blows his wad right on my clit!!! It's so erotic!! Wash up I like to use the edge of the wash basin.

Make sure it is clean. Open your pussy and bend down and stick it in the edge of the wash basin. Massage it against the wash basin by gyrating in circular motion. Your pussy will get wet and you will know when you're cum. Try grindiing. Desk Slide I have parents phssy don't knock before they enter, so when I masturbate I usually put on a skirt with no panties that way if they interrupt they can't tell. Then I open my lips and place my clit on the corner of my desk. I take my feet off the floor and place my hands on the other side of the desk. I pull myself up and slide back. Every now and then I squeeze my legs together until I get an orgasm. Tree climaxer When I lived with my parents, we had a large.

We had a tennis court, a mini-playground, and many, many, trees.

My parents were always on business trips, so we used to hire people to take care of me and my step brother who's five. There's this huge white birch tree with one of its thicker branches sticking down, I used to just sit there, but later I started rocking back and forth on it, and it felt really good. I was only 7 back then.

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