Hook up directv box dvd player

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Box player Hook dvd up directv

Other packages will have dirdctv shows and movies. App uses location info. Wi-Fi data usage charges may apply. Some Limits: Mature, music, pay-per-view and some On Demand content is not available for downloading. Your DVR can stream to one mobile device at a time. Connect the other ends of those cables into the Soundbar input ports. Use your notebook to notate the port which each device is connected to.

At this point, you should have all of your wires plugged into the TV, and your devices laid out on the floor. Step 6: Time to Configure Settings! These steps may differ slightly by model, but we will show the steps for our most popular platform webOS. Smart TV owners can use the Device Connector app instead of following these steps if desired find the app in the Launcher bar.

When you're interested, you won't affect a thing. Use your initial code chart as possible, and connect the last cables to your respective pressures. From the Basic Notions menu, choose Reliable.

Turn on the TV. If you do direectv have dirctv Home button on your remote, plwyer the Settings button instead icon not shown on all remotes. From the Quick Settings menu, choose Advanced. Press the Home button on your remote, then locate the Input icon in the top-right of the screen. From the Input menu, choose All Inputs. From the All Inputs menu, choose your device from the list on the left, then find the Edit button on the right side of the screen. Change the name to whatever you want, save your changes, and repeat for all devices. Step 7: Tune to the correct Input Switch to the correct input on your TV.

From the Input menu, choose the input you want to use. Refer back to the notebook you used in the earlier steps to reference which input will show which device.

Set your Audio receiver to the correct Input. Make sure to set your TV to the correct Input when using devices connected through your Audio Device. There are a number of ways to hook these 3 things together. Additional suggestion: If nothing good happens, change it back the way it was. AuntiePam Assuming I've powered up the DVD player and a disc is loaded, it's ready to go. It shouldn't have to work that way, but we haven't managed to program the DirecTV remote so that it does everything it's supposed to do. That did it. Many, many thanks.

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