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Alternatively, the Behaviour Tau brothers gxmes all of your pledges except one: Frannie purchases lustful follower of Evan's determined tipster and he works cheating on her.

Casey worries that her geeky boyfriend, Max may Naled her presidency campaign, but she later realizes that she cares more about Max than his reputation unlike Evan. Despite her election, Ashleigh has trouble performing her duties with Frannie and Casey both trying to influence her decisions. Meanwhile, Rusty runs into Jen K. Max gets accepted to Caltech and Casey gets an internship in Washington, D. The two seem to decide to split, seeing that a long distance relationship would not work.

ssorority Rusty, Dale and Calvin yames take an art history elective, and Rusty falls literally for a student named Jordan Johanna Gamfs. Rusty's Nakfd worsens when Cappie makes Rusty Andy's big brother and Andy and Jordan start dating. Rusty's betrayal of his little brother infuriates Cappie, who likens the situation to when Evan stole Casey from him. But when Cappie and Evan start reminiscing in their new secret group, the Amphora Society, they decide to put the past behind them and become friends, Cappie ultimately forgives Rusty, who starts dating Jordan after she chooses him over Andy.

Meanwhile, Rebecca briefly questions her sexuality after kissing another girl and seeks advice from Calvin. Calvin has trouble resisting his new gay roommate, Grant, and adopts Dale's purity ways to avoid conflict. Frannie keeps taking advantage of Evan's financial support and he starts cheating on her. The two eventually end their relationship, and Evan gives up his trust fund, since it is only causing him issues with others. However, Evan does agree to help Rebecca save her laptop from the impound lot, which leaves viewers questioning whether they'll have a potential future relationship. While everyone else is having relationship issues, Ashleigh begins secretly seeing the ZBZ hasher, Fisher, and the two eventually go public about their relationship.

Sorority games Naked

Meanwhile, Casey sororiy anxious by how fast Naked sorority games relationship with Max is progressing, after finding out he turned down Caltech for her. Gamess tries to lavaliere her, but the two agree to take it slow. He leaves for an internship in Sorprity and they try to maintain a long-distance relationship. But, Casey struggles with her feelings for Cappie, forcing Casey and Cappie agmes end their friendship. Inspired sororkty the Kappa Nxked "End of the World" party, Dale and Calvin sororitty their soroirty pledges and pursue their respective lovers. Unable to bury her feelings for Cappie, Casey tries to reconnect sororiyy Cappie, only for him to reject her. So, Casey breaks up with Max, because she realizes she'll never feel the same with him as she does with Cappie.

Chapter five[ edit ] The season begins shortly after homecoming of the academic year — Max leaves CRU after realizing that Casey was his main reason for staying. Meanwhile, Casey discovers that Rebecca and Fisher made out at the party, which eventually leads to the end of Ashleigh and Fisher's relationship. Later in the season, the two get back together. Additionally, Dale loses his virginity to his landlady Sheila Kristen O'Mearacausing him to doubt his religious faith. Rusty struggles academically, but he gets a professor to sponsor a special project. Evan discovers their romance, but he helps them keep it a secret from the rest of the Omega Chis until Grant is ready to publicly come out as being gay.

Rusty and Jordan become more serious; they finally have sex, and Rusty lavalieres her. Casey discovers Cappie and Evan's secret friendship when she intrudes upon a secret society meeting, and the three temporarily become friends again. Dale briefly gets back together with Sheila once they reunite at a Comic Con convention. Ashleigh and Evan, as Greek Presidents, both have trouble controlling their houses. When Thanksgiving rolls around, Cappie confesses his feelings for Casey and the two finally get back together, which ruins the fragile friendship between Cappie, Casey, and Evan.

Meanwhile, tension builds between Dale and Rusty when they compete for an academic grant, which Rusty ultimately wins. Rusty discovers that his nerdy classmate Dana Martha MacIsaac has a crush on him, but he blows his chance by acting too cocky and she refuses to go out with him. Later, she becomes his lab assistant. Cappie and Evan decide to bring their houses together for a major campus prank, but Evan betrays Cappie because he resents Cappie's relationship with Casey and hopes to regain control of his Omega Chi brothers. Evan seeks comfort from Rebecca after he and Cappie end their friendship, which sparks a relationship between them. Rebecca accidentally leaves a candle burning, causing the Gamma Psi house to burn down.

Reception[ auto ] Greek has worked a pro of 62 out sororitj from time aggregator Metacritic. Until everyone else is symmetry relationship issues, Ashleigh arms thru seeing the ZBZ utmost, Fisher, and the two late go public about your relationship. In the future scene the main problem:.

Although ZBZ tries to keep it a secret, Casey eventually breaks down and tells Katherine what happened, after finding out that Natalie, the Gamma Psi President, slept with one of the Songfest judges. The confession ends her new friendship with Katherine, but Casey gets a position on the Panhellenic Board as Vice-President Judicial 'VPJ'inspiring Casey to seriously consider law school and a future Naked sorority games politics. Ashleigh discovers that Fisher cheated on her again, so they break up for good, and Dale is hired as the new ZBZ hasher. Rusty briefly dates Katherine, and she asks him to take her virginity, but Rusty turns her down and eventually breaks up with her in order Naked sorority games pursue a relationship with his lab assistant, Dana.

Grant and Calvin also break up because Grant wants to experience what being single is like. Rebecca and Evan begin to get more serious, and he gives her an expensive necklace. When Calvin hints that Evan sees a future for them, Rebecca freaks out and sleeps with Beaver. During Mardi Gras, Evan sees Rebecca kiss another guy at a bar, and they break up. Rebecca introduces Casey to Joel Samuel Pagewho works in politics, and Casey begins to get some political experience and prepare for law school. After she takes the LSATJoel tries to kiss her, but she rebuffs him and says that she has a boyfriend.

Casey begins to question her relationship with Cappie because he refuses to talk about the future and wants to stay at CRU forever, while Casey is starting to think seriously about the future. In the final episode of the season, Cappie breaks up with Casey for not having enough faith in their relationship. Chapter six[ edit ] Casey, Ashleigh, and Evan graduate, while Calvin and Rebecca adjust to their new duties as Presidents. Ashleigh returns to the ZBZ house saying she was fired from her job in New York, only to have it revealed later that she was sent on a coffee run one day and left, and came back to CRU because she was lonely and disliked her job.

Meanwhile, Cappie tries to get back with Casey, and after telling him that maybe they can go back the way they were, Cappie promises that he will change so that someday he is worthy of being her boyfriend. Calvin deals with the ramifications of lying to become President of Omega Chi, as well as his relationship with Heath. After an inspiring talk with Evan, Dale rushes Omega Chi. Alternatively, the Kappa Tau brothers lose all of their pledges except one: Since declaring a major which was philosophyCappie has decided to graduate that semester to be with Casey.

Ashleigh had a brief relationship with Casey and Evan's law professor, but broke it off because they had different expectations of each other. Ashleigh then took a marketing job with her past professor and began a relationship with Rusty. Rebecca and Evan broke up and formed somewhat of a friendship in the final episode.

After discovering that Omega Chi was trying to use him to get to Kappa Tau, Dale was kicked out of the fraternity. He was later reinstated after Calvin and the pledges stood up to the new President on Dale's behalf. Sep 17, http: View Gallery 13 Photos 1 of 13 http: Anthony's, male pledges have to buy a ticket to Hong Kong and burn it, while female pledges have to buy a Tiffany necklace and throw it in the Hudson River — to prove that they're stupidly rich. Or the alternative: Smashing your Rolex. She was blindfolded, ordered to drink a oz water bottle of spiked punch and do vodka shots simultaneously, and pushed out of the car. She woke up in the hospital with broken teeth, bruises, and.

Pledges are forced to sit on paper towels, without underwear, and watch lesbian porn. If the paper towels get wet, they're out. There are a few iterations of this:

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