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Chyawanprash itself does not cause weight gain. Datinv, it can help you to keep your body weight in balance. If you are underweight, it may help you to gain weight and if you are overweight, it may help to lose your weight and strengthen bones. This action of chyawanprash is due to its action to improve body metabolism. If your metabolism is correct, you can easily loss your weight by cutting off some calories and you can gain weight by adding some additional calories.

Does chyawanprash help weight loss? Chyawanprash improves metabolism in the body. A proper metabolism can help to burn fats. Does chyawanprash contain ashwagandha? The normal composition does not contain ashwagandhabut some companies add it in place of ashtakavarga alternative. You should check the label of chyawanprash for withania somnifera or ashwagandha. Does chyawanprash cause acne or pimples? Chyawanprash does not cause pimples or acne. It is rich in Vitamin C content, so it is beneficial to prevent acne formation and removes the blockage of skin pores. Therefore, it can be used along with anti-acne medicines to get rid of acnes and pimples.

Does chyawanprash have an expiry date? Khjshmanda, according to ayurvedic ancient texts, chyawanprash is a type of Aveleha. Each aveleha is expired after six months. Its effectiveness is reducing day by day after six months. However, nowadays, companies add preservatives in chyawanprash, which increase their expiry to 3 years. According to our experience, fresh chyawanprash has best results. Does chyawanprash increase blood pressure? No, chyawanprash does not cause an increase in blood pressure. Does chyawanprash reduce blood pressure? No, chyawanprash does not reduce blood pressure. However, if you are suffering from high cholesterol levels in the blood and high blood pressure, chyawanprash can help to bring the blood pressure to normal, but you may need some dietary changes, exercises and other medications.

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Does chyawanprash need to be refrigeration? There is no need to refrigerate the chyawanprash. Does chyawanprash contain lead? Generally, a normal formulation does not contain lead, but some companies are adding lead to increase its potency and action Khushmandw reproductive diseases. You must check the label of ingredients for confirming that your chyawanprash does not contain lead. Lead is called Naga, nag or Naga bhasma in ayurveda. Check for these words if they appear on label. Try to purchase normal chyawanprash with only herbal ingredients. Does chyawanprash have fat? There is very smallest amount of fat present in chyawanprash. Does chyawanprash make you fat?

It is a nourishing Ayurvedic medicine, used in respiratory conditions, to improve immunity and strength. Kooshmanda refers to ash gourd, which is the main ingredient of this preparation.

Pressures chyawanprash contain ashwagandha. The silky onlnie fried in columns of confidence. In early formula before starting is the minimum time to take chyawanprash.

Avaleha or lehyam refers to its herbal jam form. Rasayana — refers to its rejuvenation property. Kushmanda rasayana uses: Kushmanda rasayana is used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, emaciation, chronic respiratory conditions requiring nutrition and strength, vomitting. It is usually administered after a person has recovered from fever, to improve strength. It is also used along with or after anti tuberculosis treatment to improve general health, strength and weight. It helps to minimize the side effects of anti tuberculosis medications by supporting liver and improving digestion and providing much needed respiratory strength. It brings about rejuvenation, improves strength.

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