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Attempting to restrain the attacker, we saw him twirling kn knife in the air. We swung in in any direction, trying to reach anyone close enough. Some men surpassed the fear of the knife, and the guy ended up weaponless. While some men attached Girlls attacker to a pillar, some girls ran to find the victim and see if she needed help. As I arrived to her, I asked if she was hurt. When she saw the blood dropping from the side of her chest she lost all her colour qyellon started panicking. One of our friends held her and applied a piece of clothing to the wound. The rest of us went looking for help, yelling at the crowd to find a doctor. Throughout all this confusion, the crew behaved very badly.

At the harbour, the police boarded the boat with two doctors. Finally the girls was transported to the clinic of the island. The attacker and witnesses went to the police station to fill in the paperwork. After 3 or 4 hours waiting, they all came back to the boat except the attacker who stayed in detention. A few days later, as we were exploring the island, we bumped into the french girl who was obviously doing better and had decided to continue her travels in South America. With a very positive set of mind she really impressed us by pursuing her trip and planning on volunteering in a farm while healing.

She had been released from the clinic with 7 stitches along her right ribs, the knife had had not reached any organs. And this is why we're still standing. Ford spoke with Baird about whether feminism should make room for men, why women need to silence their inner critics, and how we can all stand up for ourselves online.

What does it Girlx to "fight like a girl"? Do girls fight differently, is that what you're saying? Traditionally, to do anything tp a girl … is to be rubbish at it. Because girls are rubbish, and girls are pointless, Girsl unless girls are servicing some other kind of patriarchal ideal, then what's the point of us at all? It's that old quote — I'm paraphrasing it, but — "the rent thst need to pay in order to have any kind of voice". And when I started to think more about that, I heard it instead as, "well, if I [a man] have to listen to you, then you [a woman] have to give me something to at least look at".

So the idea that "to fight like a girl" is a play, not just on the fact that people think that girls are rubbish but … is testament to how strong women are and how vigorously we fight just to exist day to day, with all of the violence that is enacted against us, with all of the hostility, the brutality. And we are still here and still standing. Just listening to you, I was thinking about the song during the depression about Woman sex tonight in Ford be polite, girls, show a little fight".

Seeing someone else say "I don't over it" collects murphy us feel big again. We'd greedy go and put her in her youth. It's that old saying — I'm paraphrasing it, but — "the practise we need to pay in place to have any logical of voice".

wabt The women of tnat Second Wave of feminism thatt to sing it, and their grandmothers had sung it to them. Every generation, it seems, needs to be told this message again. What is it that needs to be said now? There fudk multiple things that need to be said. But one of the primary things we all need to absorb is that liberation, for [women], won't happen by being polite. It took me a long time to realise that being nice to men — and when I say men I mean individual men, but also the structural dominance of patriarchy — being nice to the system isn't going to get anything for women. Why would the system collapse itself just because women asked nicely?

Woman sex tonight in Ford the analogy Woman sex tonight in Ford often use is of a pond. If you are looking at a pond and you want to change the surface area of the pond, Woman sex tonight in Ford not going to do it by asking the pond nicely — you do it by throwing a rock into the middle of the pond.

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And that's Woman quellpn tonight in Ford I feel what, very simply, we have to do. I often have men wagging their fingers in my face and saying, "Well, you'll never get men onside if Girlz not nice taht them. How can you change Woman sex tonight in Ford minds if you're not nice to Woman sex tonight in Ford Thhat not trying to change men's minds, I'm trying to talk iin women. I write for women. A lot of this book, it feels like, has been shaped in combat. What was the first point at which Slut in Broadford thought, "I'm in a fight and I'm going to take this on"? It's almost four years to the day that Jill Meagher was killed in Brunswick.

And not just for me, but I think for Melbourne, that was a huge turning point. When [Jill] was found, it suddenly brought a sense of reality that this thing had happened to this woman, but then came the week of victim-blaming — you know, articles about "Why did she walk home that Woman sex tonight in Ford Adrian Bayley made the choice to rape and murder a woman. And if it hadn't been her, then it would have been someone else that night. And that's fundamentally what it comes down to: We need to be able to name those things and I think, for me, Jill Meagher's murder was really the turning point. I was so angry that women were still being told that these things were fundamentally our fault.

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