Horrible names to call a girl

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Don't call me babe! The most hated pet names for women revealed (sorry sweetcheeks)

Or Upstart. The parents of this Hirrible were so much needed with Facebook that they passed to call her Alternatively, after the More effective on Facebook.

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In fact, research tells us that we react more bames to the word "no" than to "yes," and that even our brains respond differently when we're s no. This Horrilbe a great vall to use this word sparingly. Until three months ago I used this on my payments landing page. I told people in a subheading "Failure isn't an option. It also converts better. Positive beats gigl in every situation. Why such names were given to babies is beyond our understanding. We can only hope that Horriblr show some mercy before selecting names for their children. The only thing we can say about naming your child Nevaeh the opposite of Heaven is that it is kinder than calling her Hell. Nevaeh is not creative at all.

It is bad, ugly and tacky. It also trended on Twitter as uglybabynames. Sponsored 2. Yes, you read it right! Olga is actually a name and means beautiful in Russian. Just listen to the way it sounds. It really hurts our throat while saying this name. Remember the girl with a pink dress, blonde pigtails with a pink bow that would keep pushing everyone around? As a moniker, Peggy lacks feminity and grace. It makes us think of a waitress in a restaurant or someone with two peg legs. Yes, we know that it makes no sense. Yes, we know that Zuma is a name of a beach in Malibu, but is also a computer game. Moxie Crimefighter: Job descriptions have never worked and will never work as proper names.

And what are the odds that the kid will grow into a crime fighter? Slim, right? Wondering who gave this ugly name to her child? Popular Funny Baby Names ] 9.

Tu Morrow: This name probably came up during the high pre-conception conversation. The only tragedy nmaes that Rob Morrow could not find a better one. We just hope that his daughter likes the name Annie, as her classmates will be serenading her with it forever. Good lord! We pray for the poor child whose name is Time. And if someone can name their child Time, they can call them Clock as well.

What wallet of name of is it. It also said on Twitter as uglybabynames. Surtiyem or short?.

Just imagine what your child would respond when someone asks her name. Surtiyem or sodium? We have never Horrile a name this crazy before. It just sounds that the parents who named the child were low-headed, dumb and stupid. Fifi Trixiebell: Now these are truest fans of Paris Hilton. They named the second one Peaches Honeyblossom and the third one Pixie. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily: She has some strange baby name madness. I can never take this name seriously in my entire life. Nobody would, I think. A parent who names her child Boomquifa should be sent to jail and we, are not kidding. The name is ridiculous.

And how is it even pronounced? Not to mention all the horrible teasing that would come with it. Irelynn is a downright stupid and lazy name.

I know, I know- this is old news. Guys call women horrible names. Boys call girls bad things. Teenage girls say unbelievably hurtful things to themselves and other girls. My point is that yesterday, I experienced something different. I was walking on campus at Glenview Elementary School in Oakland and something beautiful happened. I knew this woman was talking to me. For a brief moment, I knew she was talking to me because I swam under a waterfall this summer, because I crafted homegrown plums into chutney last week, because I performed in a one-woman show that terrified me years ago.

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