Dating crockett spurs

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click on item for larger view——— Old COWBOY Spurs——

Both are crocketf steel. Good for healing. Those rich many could be found in organizational about every time in every user friendly of the old trading.

Heavy shank similar to the conquistador style. Large jinglebobs. Star zpurs on shank and silver brass inlay on both heel band and shank. Original heel chains. Highly sophisticated spur design. Elaborate designed pair of spurs with silver inlay, star design with crescent moon on the heel band. Gun metal bluing. Chap guard and jinglebobs. Appear to have never been used. Beautiful set of spurs in with silver overlay engraving. The name O. Crockett marked on the inside of the heel band. Original leather straps. Silver engraved buttons.

The Crockett name is on the outside of the heel band. A pair with intricate design on both sides of the shank and heel band.

Datig quality of the silver inlay. This pair has silver overlay, excellent engraving and silver buttons. Excellent example of an early McChesney spur. Contrasts dramatically against other Chihuahuan and Texas heavy spurs. Spur is a light Cavalry type spur with original wire attachment. Refer to the detail letter for the provenance of the lot. Large rowel. Unusual design. A pair with silver overlay with engraving on the heel band, shank and button. Original leather strap. Dating crockett spurs on the bottom of the heel band.

A pair with engraved heel bands and original crodkett chains. Datijg designed for a woman rider. LOT 51 These spurs have silver overlay with engraving. Believed to be original catalog from LOT 53 A pair of brass spurs with nice engraving. Silver rowels and buttons. High quality, circa s. Double silver mounted designs. Has a classic dropped shank. The number 95 is tooled on the leather strap. Outstanding example of this type of spur. Two pairs of Hercules bronzed spurs. One pair with silver buttons and engraved design. Other pair is plain. This pair has engraving on both sides of the heel band. A pair of spurs with plain design with original leather straps.

Quality rowels. Circa s. Silver overlay with Indian design and symbols. Rare to find the Indian influence that is found in this lot. Simple design with engraving on the leather buttons of this pair. Chihuahuan style set of spurs. Chrome plated. Engraving on spur buttons. Popular Texas spur design. One pair designed for rodeo competition and one for general riding. A pair of Sonora style spurs with silver inlay, although much of it has been lost with use. Original heel chains and jinglebobs.

Elaborate silver inlay with engraving on shank, rowels, buttons and both sides of heel bands. Horseshoe and floral patterns. Outstanding example of the artistry of the Mexican spur. These have original leather straps. Plain design with large rowels. Contemporary set of spurs Datinh silver overlay and engraving. Buttons are silver and engraved also. Attractive, functional spurs. Contemporary bird design from the short shank drockett the heel band. Quality stainless steel metal. Unusual rowel. These have leather straps.

No leather straps on this lot. Dating crockett spurs size set of spurs. Contemporary and engraved. Long shanked. Typical of post Civil War spurs. High quality spur design. Exemplifies the best in Mexican spur artistry. Crockett engraving in the iron spur, as well as inlay silver engraving. Original leather straps spure include silver floral design. Large Crodkett head button. Heavy xpurs, weighing more than 1 lb. Excellent silver design and engraving. Chap guard included. Excellent quality of crocktt. Two pairs of U. Cavalry spurs, marked "U.

All three pairs have original straps. The Elite made pair has unique leather strap with a large star on each strap. Recovered from a Virginia battleground. These have dropped shank and inlay silver on both sides of the Dating crockett spurs band and shank. Designed to snap into the heel of the boot thereby not needing a strap around the boot. Eureka style spurs by Buermann. These were the least expensive spur a cowboy could purchase after the Civil War. These are simple utilitarian spurs. Quality set of spurs with the owner's initials "TW" on the heel band.

Silver button with engraving. Number 49 on heel band. Large rowels. Initials JP on the inside of the heel band signifying the maker, J Pierce. Beautiful example of the Anchor logo on the comb. Original leather strap remains with the comb. Appears to be relatively unused. Mint condition. Brass overlay with floral design on button. Brass rowel. Large chap guard. May have been made by one of the Boone brothers. Two pairs from the Civil War. Two pairs pre Civil War, with one of these designed to be screwed into the heel of the boot. Interesting examples of military spurs from the early s through Civil War. Light engraving. Type of spur used by Texas cowboys after the Civil War.

Each is an example of the typical Colonial type spur with a thin heel band and drop shank. They reflect outstanding metal work. This pair exemplifies the highest quality of silver inlay design, in addition to silver patterns reminiscent of the North African Moors. The spurs includes numerous small brass ornamentation. They have large 3. Light engraving and marked Boone on the inside. One is stainless steel and one is aluminum. One with the original strap. Each have large rowels from 3. Detailed silver inlay and very heavy. All four card suits displayed on the heel band in German silver.

Other overlays on shank and has a floral designed button. Spur type that fits into the heel of the boot. This style was popular from the early s through the Civil War. Single spur. Horizontal rowel. Interesting example of a different approach to how the rowel should function with the horse. Long shanked, early Buermann cowboy spurs. Rare E. Garcia silver inlaid spurs with the engravers mark under swing out buttons W. These poker games could be found in just about every saloon in every frontier town of the old west. It was found in an Saloon in Denver Colorado over years ago. Was in one of the biggest gambling collections of Kansas.

Also comes with the ornate candle holders. Old Argentina silver spurs with large rowels. Spurs are in good condition. At the very top it was filled with oil then lite for your cigar. Measures 19 inches high and 18 inches long. Museum rarity poster size photo of George Custer. He and all of his regiment which included two of his brothers were killed. Measures 43 x 31 inches including frame. Large set of early California spurs. They are iron with double mounted inlaid silver in a barber pole strip style.

These are even mounted on the top of the shank. Spurs are in great condition. Maker marked in several places Visalia Stock Saddle Co. San Francisco Ca.

Brass sport. Comes with a notorized deed and COA.

One of the flaps on pocket Dxting been replaced. Cdockett rare pair of California chaps that would make a nice display. In very nice condition Powder River Denver Colorado saddle bags. Stamped on each bag under flap. Old set of Anchor spurs with heart buttons. Old single spur with silver inlay and large rowel. Good for decoration. Very rare maker marked anchor goose neck brass spurs. Decorated with punch dot and moons. Scarce anchor spurs. Sheriffs model having a 4 inch barrel.

Spurs Dating crockett

The crown stands 6 inches high and the spyrs is 6 inches wide. A scarce cowboy hat. Crockwtt condtion R. Rare Texas artist Joe Grandee painting of lone Indian holding rifle looking back at cowboys chasing him. Here is a very rare saddle with an Indian engraved on each side of the saddle riding a horse and carring a Winchester. Saddle is in great condition. A awesome set of braided Kangaroo reins in good condition very old.

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